Should I switch to an Aluminium Free Deodorant?

There have been several studies linking aluminium to Alzehimer's Disease and Breast Cancer Tumours.  Certainly with numbers of breast cancer cases on the rise, this is an area of study that definitely needs more research. Whether or not studies can find prove beyond doubt that using aluminium is totally safe or not exercising a position of caution is wise.

Thinking of switching to an aluminium free deodorant?

Applying Natural Cream DeodorantEarth Conscious Natural Deodorant has you covered. It is a natural deodorant that allows the body to sweat as nature intended. Perspiration allows toxins to be released from the body and is an essential bodily function. Instead our deodorant will work with its antibacterial properties to effectively eliminate body odour without hindering the body in it's disposal of toxins.  The Earth Conscious Natural deodorant has the texture of a paste or cream deodorant which melts easily into your skin when rubbed gently in with your finger tips. For women, it's a great excuse to check your breast area.


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