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When making the switch from an antiperspirant of course you want the best natural deodorant available but how do you know which to choose?

We like to think of Earth Conscious as being a very trustworthy, transparent and honest brand so instead of just telling you to rush out and buy our natural deodorant because it’s the best natural deodorant, we’re going to back up our claims and hopefully even if you don’t choose us you’ll know what to look out for when choosing a natural deodorant for yourself.

The Earth Conscious Natural Deodorant is made from 100% Natural Ingredients

Look out for deodorants that are 100% natural. Often natural deodorants say they are natural but that’s not always entirely true. You want to make sure that the ingredients are natural including the fragrance - many natural deodorants will use synthetic fragrance making them not so natural after all! Of course opting for a deodorant that uses synthetic fragrance is still a step up from using antiperspirant that prevents your body from performing it’s natural and necessary process!

Effectiveness, our Natural Deodorant genuinely works!

There is no point switching to a natural deodorant that doesn’t work. Speak to others and get recommendations, read reviews. Natural Deodorant brands will all claim to be the best natural deodorant but it can be a case of finding what works for you.

Application - Earth Conscious Natural Deodorant requires finger application.

Truly natural deodorants are not going to come in aerosol format - they’re just not so if you’re used to aerosol and want to switch to natural then you’re just going to have to accept that application is different.

If you want the best natural deodorant then you’re probably going to have go go one step further and realise that it’s not going to be a roll-on either! The choice is either a salt crystal deodorant that normally requires wet armpits for application and can leave a stream of trickling wetness running down your arm or you need to apply a cream deodorant with your fingers.

If choosing a cream deodorant then you want one that soaks in quickly and easily. You don't want a product that melts too quickly on the finger as this can be too greasy. Neither do you want your armpit to feel soggy after application. Also, if you want to be able to carry it around or travel, you need functional packaging and something that won't lose it's stability during the warmer spells of weather.

Price - The Earth Conscious Natural Deodorant is economical.

Choosing organic food is more expensive, switching to natural products is generally more expensive too. Finding the best natural deodorant at an affordable price is tricky. When you think about the cost of an antiperspirant deodorant purchased with your grocery shopping, switching to natural can seem like a cost you can’t afford. However, our Natural Deodorant will last around 3 months, and often longer so even with postage costs it turns out to be a very economical option.

Eco Friendly - Earth Conscious is a truly natural deodorant that is also truly Eco Friendly too!

Even the best natural deodorants out there in terms of effectiveness and application will often be packaged in plastic. Our deodorant is not. It travels well.  It won’t harm your body or the environment. Plus we support Marine Conservation with donations from every tin sale so you can feel good about your choice.

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