Conscious Choices

Be More Earth Conscious is our motto.

We’re not just here to flog you natural deodorant you know. However, it is a great natural deodorant and a good conscious choice too.

This conscious choice is laundry related.

With 6 of us at home it’s a fairly large undertaking and there’s rarely a day where there isn’t something washing or drying around the house. We don’t use a tumble dryer even in Winter so something will always be drying somewhere.

For a long while now we have used only eco-friendly detergents and have opted for buying in bulk whenever possible to save on plastic packaging waste. As with all choices ethical, green, healthy and natural we have to be realistic with what we can achieve. This means affordability does come into the equation as does time and functionality too. Therefore, the choices we make are not always perfect but here at Earth Conscious we believe in making the best ones we can within our constraints.

Eco Soap Nuts

I’ve known about Eco Soap Nuts for some time but apparently Soap Nuts have been used for thousands of years as a natural washing detergent in Asia and the Americas. They grow on the Sapindus variety of trees and are a source of Saponin which is the part that cleans your clothes.

The Eco Zone Soap Nuts were on offer at Ocado so the timing was good. They arrived in a Muslin Bag although some kind of plastic wrapping contained the soap nuts themselves - a little disappointing. However, a much smaller product all round so a big saving on packaging. I can see already how economical they are going to be - there’s definitely pounds to be saved here.

Eco Zone Soap Nuts

All you do is place several in a small zip bag and pop them into your regular washing cycle. I added some Essential Oils for scent. When the cycle is finished you’ll see that there are still soap nuts left and can be used again until they are soft.

My washing appears to be clean, smells nice so I don’t see any reason why not to switch to this type of product permanently. Goodbye liquid or powder detergents. I’m sure there are plenty of other brands out there offering Soap Nuts but certainly these Eco Zone Soap Nuts are a good place to start. You can read all about their credentials here..

Another conscious choice done.

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