Conscious Christmas

Conscious Father Christmas

November is nearly over so we are starting to think about Christmas. For us that’s a Conscious Christmas but what even is that? Is it a Christmas without alcohol ensuring no drunken blur? Is it a Christmas without any fun? Of course not!

For us it’s about giving just a little more thought to our levels of consumption and the extra impact that excessive consumption at this time of year causes to the environment and of course our health. We’ve just witnessed the madness that is Black Friday and those sales to get consumers to spend more. The same encouragement happens throughout the Christmas period.

For several years now, in the interests of being mindful of waste, we’ve stripped back Christmas giving more consideration to the quantities of presents we buy or the foods that we eat. This year we’re not just thinking about quantity, we’re thinking about quality and the kind of consumption too. Less is more and quality will last longer except in the case of chocolate of course!

We’re looking at ethical gifts this year. Ethical means different things to different people but we’re looking at gifts that have either an eco-friendly, natural or fairtrade consideration so that either the environment is minimally impacted, health is impacted positively or those who have played a part in making those gifts have been fairly treated.

Becoming more Earth Conscious means taking everything we learn throughout the year and the changes we try to individually make through all seasons. We can’t just stop trying to do our bit because it’s Christmas. It doesn’t feel right.

Here are just a few companies that have made it onto our Conscious Christmas List so far.

Earth Monk - Clothing with Soul

Earth Monk use 100% Organic Cotton and manufacturing takes place in an ethical environment. You can read more about their brand ethics on their website.

Braintree Clothing - Thoughtful Clothing.

Braintree Clothing offer clothing with a slow fashion ethic. They have really comprehensive policies on the environment, animal welfare and codes of conduct which are all displayed on their website and worth reading.

Seed and Bean - British Made, delicious chocolate, Ethical and Sustainable values too. What’s not to love.

The Traditional Shaving Company - An opportunity to ditch the disposable plastic razors and minimise landfill.

Humblestuff -  No harsh chemicals. You can actually breath easily when you clean! OK so it’s not exactly glamarous but it is a really caring product for the person using, the family living in the house and of course the environment.

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