Dark Underarms

We didn’t realise having dark underarms was even a problem for some women until recently. Smelly armpits yes, dark underarms no. I guess being in the deodorant business inevitably all things underarm are going to come our way at some point.

Apparently it’s quite common and many women are searching for remedies on how to lighten their dark underarms. We hope that women who feel self conscious about dark armpits are not applying even more nasty chemicals as a remedy.

Citrus Natural Deodorants

Our googling tells us that a possible reason for dark underarms may be due to the use of the nasties in antiperspirants and deodorants so naturally we thought we’d best try and bring awareness to even more people about the benefits of switching to a natural deodorant.

We have no idea if using a natural deodorant will reduce dark underarms or not. All we can say is that our own armpits are in great soft, moisturised condition using our own Earth Conscious Natural Deodorant and we don’t have dark circles or patches on our pits.

Natural remedies seem aplenty with lemon juice, tomatoes, potatoes to name but a few. Do they work? No idea. Baking Soda also may help rid the dark patches. This one could make sense and is definitely worth a go if you’re that bothered. Sodium Bicarbonate does have antibacterial properties which is why we use it in our Earth Conscious natural Deodorant formula.

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