Earth Conscious Choices

When living our everyday lives, working,  purchasing things we need, feeding ourselves and taking care of our families we are constantly making choices. Some are spur of the moment, some are planned out, some reactionary to a circumstance. If we are thinking about being green and about having a minimal impact as humans on this earth then we are throwing a different factor into the mix to consider too.

Everyday we make these choices.

The Supermarket for a start can be a minefield of choice! And if you are in the position of shopping with children sometimes getting out alive with a bit of dignity and a few things to eat is really the best you can hope for. Organic wholefoods, predominately plant based is, in my opinion, the best diet that we should be eating. Palm oil free is another must. Not too much sugar. 

Earth Conscious Choices

So amongst all that where does being green fit in with a Supermarket shop.

A shop in real life with family in tow and queues. Oh and a budget to stick too. And no real meal plan as I'd not had the time. It comes down to making the best choice I can on the day. Sometimes that will be a grab some fruit and veg and make a meal from it and feel pretty proud. Sometimes it’s buy what I can afford and buy the children sweets with god knows what in, because they are fed up with shopping and need motivation. And sometimes they like to feel slightly normal :)

What about clothing and shoes? How can we make the best choice there? Should we be buying leather?

Well there are certainly ethical reasons for not buying leather, and ones that I fully sympathise with. There’s also the green impact of farming animals of course, the land and feed needed to be grown for such operations. OK so let’s scrap leather for my boots. Then what is the choice? Plastic is often the only affordable and practical option. Plastic is not likely to last as long as the leather boots. And of course once they’re done with and worn out they probably hang around for a billion years or so. Back to leather then? There’s no real right answer. Buying second hand is a good option if available and generally buying less i.e. only what you really need.

How about our pleasure and leisure.

I love driving. But until there are affordable electric options that transport 6 of us I can't see how we can be green in this area. I guess we could give it up for a cheap and reliable bus and train service. Oh except there doesn’t seem to be one. Being without a car wold be very costly for our family of six. Not to deter you if this is a choice you are able to make, or perhaps you don’t drive and the choice isn’t there.

The greenest choice is not always the easiest or the most practical.

It is rarely the cheapest in the short term. And it is often hard to work out what the greenest choice even is when you consider the big picture. Plus of course it’s important to consider our mental health and limits in all of this. I feel it comes down to making the choices that you can and being conscious that you are making a choice. We can’t always make the right ones, some of the responsibility lies above our heads. But every conscious choice we make is a step in the right direction, we are thinking and that’s a game changer.

Our choices have impact, don’t feel helpless in any aspect of your life.

Part of the reason to make a Natural Deodorant with an affordable price tag was so that it was an easy conscious choice for people to make. A simple every day realistic change. It's a start! 

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