Earth Conscious Holidays

Earth Conscious Holidays

As the summer is now fast approaching, here’s every reason why you need Earth Conscious Natural Deodorant in your bag! Whether your trip is to a sunny field in the UK or somewhere more tropical, our natural deodorant is just right.

Earth Conscious deodorant contains totally natural ingredients. It won’t clog up your pores and it allows your skin to breathe and release toxins as it should.

As Nature Intended

If you’re going to be in nature as part of your trip then it seems of upmost importance to be using products that won’t cause harm. You can wash yourself in the rivers, dip in the sea (or just take a shower….) and know that what is being washed away is not damaging the environment and life around you

And, if you're being more active, perhaps hiking, you can feel confident that your Earth Conscious Natural Deodorant has you covered whilst you enjoy your adventure.

Plastic Free Packaging

Our packaging will also leave you feeling like you have left no trace. Our tubes or tubs are lightweight and small enough to slide into your bag and there’s no worries about broken glass. Our packaging has minimal impact and is fully recyclable. Above all it is PLASTIC FREE!

Festival Season

If you’re off to a festival this year then you may find that catching a shower is not an easy task. You can be assured that you can apply your deodorant on to smelly pits and that’s enough to banish the smell for the day. No dirty shower cubicle needed. And if you’re planning on partying hard, our strong protection deodorant may be the one for you. It’s extra bicarbonate of soda kick will leave you confident.

If you’ve been thinking about making a switch to a natural deodorant, a break away is a good time to make the switch. Knowing that you are not harming the environment, and that you can remain stink free while you do it. Earth Conscious deodorant has the added extra of being free from plastic and lightweight. Do let us know where you’ll be taking your deodorant this year…

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