Green Cane Toilet Paper

In June of this year we undertook the Marine Conservation Society’s plastic free challenge so talking about plastic free toilet roll is not a new subject for us. As you probably know finding a toilet paper which isn’t wrapped in plastic is incredibly hard to find. During the challenge I used Eco Leaf which is packaged in a biodegradable plant based material. The only problem is Eco Leaf isn’t as readily available from your regular supermarkets which at the moment we rely on.

Several months down the line and I have subscribed for a monthly delivery of toilet rolls with Green Cane . They provide 100% biodegradable toilet paper made from 70% bamboo & recycled sugarcane. They use a plant based cellophane for the see-through part of the packaging so plastic free packaging whoop whoop.

Green Cane

In terms of sustainability, both sugarcane and bamboo are fast growing in tropical regions and only the growth part of the plant is removed when harvested. You can read more about the company here.

As for the actual rolls themselves, they’re nice. Soft enough, white enough and flush no problem. I don’t think we need to elaborate!

Anyway go Be More Earth Conscious and give them a try.

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