I was supposed to participate in Veganuary but.....

More than half way through January and I am only just able to say I’m well. A nasty flu virus of some description decided to play havoc with my health for about two weeks! Suffice to say any plans to take on Veganuary were scuppered. However, said virus did take away my appetite and funnily enough green vegetables, oranges and bananas were the few foods my body actually felt like eating so it’s not been an epic fail but I certainly can’t claim proper considered participation. With illness came *Dry January* too. I haven’t fancied a glass of anything remotely alcoholic all year so far! Again, I can’t claim conscious effort on this one either!

I should know better than to take on any extra challenges in January when year after year it is renowned for being a month of unwellness in some shape or form. With 6 people (2 adults, 4 children) you never know who will succumb to the latest winter virus or who may escape and indeed how long it will take before the household can be considered well. This time it was just 2 of us but even with just one adult down, going into survival mode kicks in. You do what you can or must to scrape through the day whilst trying to rest for swift recovery and those who are well take the extra strain.

Thus, Veganuary and all my printed out preparation (hardly eco-friendly!) proved completely unrealistic. The blog photograph is a Vegan Breakfast Pizza from one of the Veganuary recipes. I made this today and I will endeavour to at least make the meals I printed out.

Vegan Pizza

Aside of other constraints, this highlighted to me that a better endeavour for our family is to continue more organically throughout the year on our path to minimise animal product consumption. It’s a better undertaking for us given we have reduced our animal product consumption greatly over the past couple of years anyway and we continue to be mindful. We have educated ourselves with documentaries and books and give great consideration to many factors. This is all work in progress.

Whilst my husband and I have chosen to be more plant based and whole food in our diets, we do not impose our choices on our children. We minimise and introduce and try to lead by example but the children must ultimately decide for themselves. On the whole, all of us remain omnivorous with the undertaking of eating less and less meat and choosing Vegetarian options as the bulk of our diet.

We have used plant based milk alternatives for a long time now opting for Good Hemp and Almond Milk. We still consume cheese and butter although one child is Dairy Free as she has an intolerance anyway. Eggs are another story. We are egg fans. At this stage we choose higher quality organic and free range options.

This path sits more naturally alongside other areas that I like to work on too such as reducing plastic consumption, reducing food waste, learning more about ethical fashion and generally living a greener more Earth Conscious lifestyle.

So yeah, that’s about the sum of it. Veganuary is a great idea but not as a challenge for us as a family in January!

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