Marine Conservation Plastic Challenge - Week 3

Marine Conservation Plastic Challenge - Week 3

OK so halfway through the Marine Conservation Plastic Challenge and here's what we've been up to.

This week, we've been sending out a free reusable stainless steel straw with our Natural Deodorant orders. Hopefully, this may help encourage people to refuse plastic straws when out and about.

Reusable Stainless Steel Straw

Day 15

At home we've had a delivery of an Organic Veggie Box from a local supplier. Mostly free from plastic packaging but not entirely. Not sure why the bananas had been put in a plastic bag!? The best we can do is reuse the bags in the freezer.

Organic Veg Box

Day 16 onwards

Wow it's been a hot one. It's been so hot and busy and just no time to properly focus on the plastic challenge at all. The focus for most people has probably been trying to stay cool, hydrated, trying to get enough sleep and making sure their armpits don't smell!

I'd say the most signficant thing during the heat wave weather for us has been the constant use of our resuable water bottles. Generally our family of 6 will carry 2 litres of water with us on a regular day out. In this heat, that goes rapidly and when out and about for more than a couple of hours, refilling our stainless steel bottles is not always easy. However, thus far we have avoided buying any top up water and instead have refilled by asking in a cafe and from a bathroom tap.

Happy to say that our Natural Deodorant in its plastic free packaging has really proved itself these past few days too, so no issues there!

In other plastic free news

The lovely Humble Stuff of Scotland sent down some plastic free cleaning materials to help us along with the plastic challenge. I received some tiny soap gel balls wrapped in baking paper and placed in a recycled reusable tin to dissolve in water to use as my everyday kitchen spray. Plus, heart shaped toilet fresheners (also free from any plastic packaging) which I decided to test run in the dishwasher too! Yes, the dishwasher and I tell you they work better than the Waitrose powder which I have now stopped using due to it being too abrasive.

Humble Stuff

Anyway, I normally use the Humble Stuff Lemon Myrtle Spray which apart from being natural and toxin free smells absolutely divine and is my go to kitchen spray product (see below). You can keep the plastic bottle and spray and just buy refills which is still better than buying other not so natural products in plastic bottles! To be honest, its all very well worrying about the plastic packaging side of things but its equally as important to consider the ingredients and how they affect marine life when washed away into our waters. There are no concerns with Humble Stuff and I really can't recommend it enough.

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