Natural Products for Body Odour

Ready to ditch those toxic unhealthy antiperspirants and switch to natural products for body odour?

Look no further than our 100% natural deodorant which caters for everyone. Male or female and it’s perfect for Teens too. There is nothing nasty in our deodorant only good clean ingredients that actually work.

In case you’re curious to other natural products for body odour, well yes you could actually strip right back and use single ingredients like Coconut Oil or a slice of lemon for example.

During our time at the Love Natural Love You Show at London Olympia in July 2016 we chatted to a wide spectrum of people both male and female, different age groups and from a whole range of countries and cultures. Some of those people told us how they use just coconut oil or a slice of lemon and they seem to manage just fine. Those people were still very interested in having something extra effective in the shape of a Natural Deodorants so you can see how a slice of lemon isn’t going to cut it for most people.

Perspiration and the resulting body odour is such a personal thing that different people require different solutions.

People do need to feel secure in the knowledge that the natural products they are using will keep them stink free!

We are still a natural product for body odour, we just blend all the natural ingredients into our own very special formula that will work to eliminate body odour at source.

Our Natural Deodorant is an antibacterial, antifungal deodorant.

Apply with finger tips to the underarm area. It doesn’t get any more natural than that. It is a great excuse to have a feel of the breast area too.

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