Plastic Challenge 2016 - Day 2

Plastic Challenge 2016 - Day 2


Today is another day of little purchases as I use up the food I have at home, Mondays are usually like that and it’s a big shop on a Tuesday which is going to be very challenging, especially with a 4-year-old in tow. My eldest two children understand the challenge and are keen to participate but it’s harder for younger ones. 

What I have also considered today is that if I were to shop fruit and veg in a supermarket then the organic produce is going to be off limits. Bananas, for instance, these are one of the few products that can come unpackaged. But not if you go for organic (at least not that I have found). Living rurally I do have farm shop options which I will make the most of this week. It’s the grains like rice and pasta for example that will be a real struggle. And I’m wondering what the outer wrapper of Green and Blacks is, is that purely paper? I will have to check. An essential item for me!


Success for us today. We managed to purchase rice and cereal as they sell from tubs. They weigh and sell to customers in plastic bags but I explained our predicament so instead, the goods were weighed in the bags then tipped into the storage tubs we’d taken with us and the bags retained by the shop for use for something else.

Plastic Free Challenge

Success was also on the toilet roll. Down to the last two rolls so things were looking very bleak and none of us fancied tissues from a box, water or dried leaves. Saved by Eco-Leaf which is wrapped in biodegradable packaging made from potato starch - win! The children all chose a drink for the journey home - cans and bottles only. On the negative, even though the whole food store is a lovely store full of lovely things, plastic is absolutely everywhere. It feels good to be selling a natural deodorant that isn’t packaged in plastic.

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