Plastic Challenge 2016 - Day 4

Over halfway through our Plastic Challenge now. The Marine Conservation Society are running it for the whole of June and we have committed to a week. Here is how we got on today on day 4…

No shopping today and just making do with what we have in the cupboards and left overs from our plastic free purchases. Both my eldest daughter and I are lactose intolerant albeit to different degrees. She takes Almond Milk on cereal and to drink and I take Hemp Milk in my tea. Both of these alternatives come packaged in tetra pak so once they are finished we will be stuck. I actually have two spare Hemp Milk’s in the cupboard but it feels like an obvious cheat for me to open them so I won’t.  Of course we could just decide not to drink these products. I could give up tea and only drink herbal and she could give up Almond Milk and eat dry cereal. However, health is a priority too that’s both physical and mental and life I believe should include small pleasures - we can’t always do it all but we can make some changes. After this challenge is through, the tetra pak situation is one area that I don’t think we will be able to improve on easily.

Fruit and Veg report!

We struggled in the supermarket and managed to pick up some loose items. I noticed that the per kgs price for apples was more expensive for the loose items than those bagged up. Grapes were not an option, organic bananas not an option, or organic apples come to that. No strawberries, blueberries or anything delicious like that. For the loose items I did buy, there were only plastic bags available to put them in so I had to place them direct in the trolley. I couldn’t find any salad leaves or lettuce not wrapped in plastic. The broccoli was all shrink wrapped.

Plastic Free Fruit

After the supermarket let down I tried a local fruit and veg shop. We managed to get some loose peaches and nectarines there, but still no salad leaves or berries.

Having paper bags for fruit and veg seems like an obvious easy switch for supermarkets to make. Having a way to have organic varieties not wrapped in plastic would be a huge bonus too!

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