Plastic Free Challenge 2016 - Complete

Our week of MCSUK Plastic Free Challenge is over and I am so glad. An already full on busy life with a business to run, 4 home educated children and a husband who works away a fair bit does not need complicating with only being able to buy plastic-free. Don’t get me wrong, I think plastic free is an important issue and going forward there are some obvious things that I will change.

For a start, reverting back to delivery of an organic vegetable/fruit box is an obvious choice. Seeking out Eco-Leaf toilet rolls is also something I am going to continue to do. Where possible I am going to make a conscious effort to shop in local bakeries that do not plastic wrap and whole food shops that offer loose bulk buy purchases. 

Plastic Free Wrapped Fruit

We have used refillable water bottles, eco snack wraps, stainless steel straws and reusable sanitary pads for a long while now so that will continue also but we will be looking out for more eco-friendly swaps we can make too. 

It is apparent that to achieve a bigger plastic free lifestyle, more planning is necessary and definitely more time spent on food preparation and cooking. Overall, I will be on the lookout for plastic free packaging and look to minimise our plastic consumption. 

Having said the above, it’s not fair that the solution lies with the everyday consumer. Yes, small changes collectively make a difference and the Earth Conscious brand advocate that but the packaging industry, the individual brands and the retailers need to take responsibility and make it easier for everyone to consume without this much concern. 

We haven’t compromised on the packaging of our Natural Deodorant and I am really happy that we have made it easy for our customers to make the switch without the worry of plastic packaging, toxic ingredients or even price.

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