Plastic Free Challenge - Day 5

Plastic Free Challenge - Day 5

Today more supplies were required. We went in search of a recommended farm shop - Worzals.  Hooray for a brown sack of potatoes. The fruit and veg were mostly unpackaged but the bag option was plastic which the lady told me had only recently been changed. Shame. We just put apples, pears, carrots and a cucumber straight into the lovely wicker baskets available for shopping. My smallest girls enjoyed carrying those around.

The bread was all in plastic wrapping so we chose some bread mix again and this time also a carrot cake and a chocolate cake mix. Thing is, the cakes require vegetable oil so that will come from plastic no doubt. One of the children kneaded the bread which saved me a job.

Purchased another bottle of cordial but it’s an expensive treat to be honest. Oh, and the girls asked for Dairylea - it appears to be in cardboard with foil triangles so whilst not exactly the best option it at least ticks the plastic free package I hope.

Plastic Free Food Shop

Upon talking with the lady at the checkout (who normally operates the deli) she said we could bring containers along for deli purchases to combat the bag with film issue so thought that was helpful and we could certainly make a return visit.

As I walked around I really didn’t know what to make for dinner. Ideally, it would have been a cheap and easy vegetable pasta dish but we still couldn’t find pasta free of plastic packaging. We decided that we’d stop on the way home for fresh eggs - these are always available from various neighbours in the village - and we’d make use of the giant potatoes and have egg and chips.

Overall though, despite the farm shop being lovely, the distance travelled and the extra price paid for Cordial meant it wasn’t the most economical of shopping trips. This is a factor to consider going forward but what price do we pay for plastic convenience when it comes to the wellbeing of our planet and all who live on it?

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