Plastic Free Tea Bags

Plastic Free Tea Bags

In our Earth Conscious endeavours to minimise our plastic consumption, I recently discovered that many tea bags actually contain plastic! Yes plastic. Surprised? I certainly was. I always thought that tea bags were fully compostable but turns out they’re not.

I have been buying organic tea for a while now to avoid the teas that may have been treated with pesticides but now the comforting thought that surrounds having a nice cup of tea feels somewhat toxic again.

Apparently some tea bags are treated with epichlorohydrin which is used in plastics and glue and in the case of tea bags, helps hold them together. I don’t know what the exact risks are but I don’t fancy the toxins from that seeping into my drink.

Here at Earth Conscious when we learn about something like this we choose the route of caution. If we can find a healthier option and make a better choice for the environment then we will.

However, choosing tea bags which are organic is one thing, where the box isn’t plastic wrapped is another but to find plastic free tea bags is definitely harder, particularly affordable choices.

We have found TeaPigs. They use biodegradeable corn starch for their tea temples and have other good green credentials. However, the loose tea remains the most economical option. 

For now I have switched from bags to loose tea. Wish I had kept that leaky teapot now!

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