Reusable Sandwich Wraps - Eco Snack Wrap

Reusable Sandwich Wraps - Eco Snack Wrap

The reusable sandwich wrap by Eco Snack Wrap is a great substitution for disposable lunch packaging such has clingfilm or foils that you might otherwise use when packing your homemade sandwich lunch. 
Unlike lunchboxes these cotton sandwich wraps will fold up easily in your bag or pocket making them a great space saving and lightweight option.


Aiming for a Zero Waste Lunch?

Eco Snack Wraps eliminate the need for disposable packaging. No more disposable plastic wrap, clingfilm or foils.  The reusable sandwich wrap can be used over and over.

Machine washable, rinse them in the sink or wipe down depending on your lunch! They will last for years.

Suitable for all ages, just wrap and go. 

Unlike lunch boxes, when you've devoured your lunch, the empty wrap will take no space up in your bag.

  • Made from 100% Cotton canvas
  • The unique food derived inner coating keeps food fresher for longer and is biodegradable at the end of the products life in landfill (they will last for years)
  • FREE from PVC, BPA, Nylon, heavy metal & Phthalates  
  • Approx size 30cm x 30cm  

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