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Choose Palm Oil Free

Choose Palm Oil Free

Palm oil boycotting is something we at Earth Conscious have been focusing on lately. We are not 100% there yet but here are some of the reasons that this is important to us and our families.  

Clearing forests to make room for palm oil plants is causing major environmental issues in Indonesia. But the effects are worldwide.

In 2015 burning and forest fires to clear space for palm oil plantations destroyed huge areas of rainforest and the fires alone on some days produced more carbon emissions than the whole of the US (Greenpeace). These rainforests are critical to us on earth. “unless we change the present system that rewards forest destruction, forest clearing will put another 200 billion tons of carbon into the atmosphere in coming decades…,” says the Environmental Defense Fund, a leading green group.

Plus of course there is the wildlife that reside in rainforests. Between 1.5 - 1.8 million species have been identified in rainforests so far plus however many more we are yet to discover. That’s if we ever do before they are wiped out.

One of the most common reported plights due to palm oil deforestation is that of the orangutan. Not only do orangutans die because of their habitat being reduced or eliminated but they are also victims of the burning techniques of the farmers and plantation developers. Charities such as the Sumatran Orangutan Society (SOS)  are working to try and safeguard the forests for orangutans. 

Orangutan Rescue

So what can we do? You can sign the Greenpeace petition calling for big brands such as Johnson & Johnson, PepsiCo and Colgate-Palmolive to end their palm oil use. But the biggest thing that you can do as a consumer is vote with your cash.

Try checking labels for palm oil (also called palm fruit oil, palm kernel oil plus look out for just “vegetable oil” or “sodium lauryl sulfate” / SLS that may well contain palm oil). You will be amazed how many products contain palm oil. From biscuits to beauty products (not the Earth Conscious Natural Deodorant of course). It’s a time consuming business especially in a shopping dash and there are times when an alternative just may not be available in a supermarket which means compromise or going without. 

Check out sites Shop Palm Oil Free and Ethical Consumer which can point you in the right direction of palm oil free products, you may find that you’ll need to shop elsewhere than a supermarket.

Big brands need to take responsibility here, but in the meantime if we can show them that their palm oil use will ultimately affect their sales perhaps they may listen faster.

*image credit International Animal Rescue

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