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What Packaging is Best for the Environment?

What Packaging is Best for the Environment?

As you may know, packaging is a big deal to us. We make the best possible decision with all the resources we have available to ensure that we are making minimal impact with our packaging choices.

Facts about some materials:

  • Plastic is made from oil and gas drilled from the earth's crust. It has to be drilled out from a deep level and this process has a major environmental impact.
  • Plastic doesn’t decompose. It can only usually be recycled a few times.
  • Aluminum is infinitely recyclable with no loss of material or quality.
  • Metals are elements and are permanently available
  • Glass is also infinitely recyclable. However, it is heavier to transport and takes up a lot more space due to having to be packaged more.
  • Cardboard is light and easy to transport. It does have a limit to how many times it can be recycled. It will naturally decompose into the earth after that time is up.
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Earth Conscious Plastic Free Natural Deodorant

Why We Don't Use Plastic

The Earth Conscious Natural Deodorant Balms come in sleek yet functional tins. We have been asked why we use aluminium tins and not plastic or glass. Well the answer is this.

Our tins are lightweight and easy to package meaning the resources we need to use to get them to you in one safe piece are less. This is a bonus when green credentials are high on our list of priorities. They take up less space in a postal sack at the post office and thus in the transportation of them too - again less resources is a win.

They are also reusable and recyclable.

Aluminium is both abundant and sustainable.

You can read more about the sustainability of Aluminium below.

Plastic for us is not an option at present. We keep an open mind and would be happy to research the use of recycled plastics perhaps in the future. Glass also a possibility but extra packaging costs both to the environment and to finances of which would inevitably mean a higher costing product for our customers isn’t something we are keen on.

Part of the Earth Conscious concept and ethic is that natural and organic products should not be unaffordable. Natural products should be affordable and accessible to all if we are to make a bigger impact on the world.

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