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Planning a Plastic Free Picnic

Planning a Plastic Free Picnic

It's picnic season! To be honest, we have plastic free picnics all year around here on the Isle of Wight, just with a few more layers in the cooler months.

However, during the month of #PlasticFreeJuly, we are thinking more about sharing some plastic-free picnic ideas, and doubling our donations from 10p a purchase to 20p a purchase as the Marine Conservation Society folks ask us all to take the #PlasticChallenge.

Here at Earth Conscious, we have now donated more than £20,000 to the Marine Conservation Society, well, YOU our customers have with every purchase you make (click to shop here)

We know that with busy work and families, it can seem hard to make the switch to plastic-free, but we're here to reassure you that it is easier than you think!

As July sees us head into the summer holidays, we thought we'd talk about the great British picnic. Specifically how you can have a plastic-free picnic!

Plastic-Free Picnics - Re-usables

eco sandwich wrap

Most of us probably have a variety of re-usable bottles and cups. But what about other re-usables to help reduce our single use plastic? Wrapping sandwiches or other snacks can be achieved without clingfilm, if you opt for a reusable food wrap. We think Vegan food wraps are a great addition to your picnic kit. They are surprisingly simple to use (and make, if you've time), and are actually easier than fighting with the clingfilm roll when trying to make a packed lunch anyway.

Sandwich boxes to pack your picnic food, consider using the old ice cream tub or sweets tin, we think it's great to re-purpose something which would otherwise end up in landfill.

Think outside the (plastic) box

Supermarket 'Picnic food' seems to be packaged in huge amounts of single use plastic. Packed for "ease" with little regard for the waste created. So, can you enjoy these treats without the plastic? Save money and avoid waste by making your own treats. We are huge fans of baking a huge batch of easy Exceedingly Vegan sausage rolls, then freezing some ready to quickly prepare for packed lunches or a picnic. Remember, dips (thank you Rebel Recipes for this simple hummus recipe) are easy to make too, and accompanying crudités (that's chopped carrots to you and me) just need a couple of ice cubes packed with them to keep them fresh.

Plastic-Free Treats

Two Farmers compostable crisp packaging

Plastic-Free picnics do require a little planning. You may be short of time to bake your own treats - which is one of the easiest ways to save on plastic waste. So, do remember there are plastic-free family friendly snacks which you can purchase almost guilt free.

stoats snack bars
Stoats Flapjacks are wrapped in biodegradable NatureFlex film, which, like our deodorant sticks, you can add to your home composting. Two Farmers crisps, come in compostable packets or large 'family-sized' tins which can be reused (as picnic boxes!) or recycled. Keeping your picnic plastic-free when you're time limited.


Stay in the shade

Recycled plastic bottles picnic rug

If you are planning a plastic free picnic, and the sun is shining - stay in the shade!  We are lucky enough to live close to the beach here on the Isle of Wight, we pack a blanket (these picnic rugs from Weaver and Green are made from recycled plastic bottles) and take a beach umbrella with us, but if you are going 'big' how about 'borrowing' a gazebo from Library of Things.

Baby Balm

If however, you are unfortunate enough to suffer a little sunburn on your picnic, a generous layer of Earth Conscious Baby Balm will soothe the soreness and reduce the peeling.

Whatever you do, have fun - make the most of your time on this planet, and, it goes without saying, take your rubbish home with you :) 


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