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Reusable Eco-Friendly Christmas Crackers

Reusable Eco-Friendly Christmas Crackers

Want to be more Eco Friendly this Christmas? Want to Minimise Waste?

Look no further than the reusable Christmas Cracker from Keep This Cracker! We discovered these beautiful crackers last year and dived straight into purchase a set. Sure enough they will be reused this year which feels really good.

The tradition of pulling a cracker before Christmas Dinner is a favourite with many a family. Unfortunately, the waste generated from Christmas Crackers every year must be nothing short of massive.

Often boxed in plastic, not to mention the crappy plastic gifts inside that nobody really wants or needs. These are all tossed in the bin within an hour or two after dinner. This bothered me to the point that I believe one year we didn't bother going down the cracker route at all. However, it did somewhat take away from the spirit of Christmas. 

I can't really recall how I stumbled across the Keep This Cracker but probably searching for Eco-friendly Christmas options or it may have been through social media connections. Either way, I am so pleased we found them.
Filling with personalised tiny gifts is a great idea for introducing family and friends to new eco-friendly and plastic free options. Write your own joke or message and pop in a paper hat or even reusable hat and pull away!
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