The Earth Conscious Story

With 2016 coming to a close it seems fitting to reflect upon the The Earth Conscious Story so far. 

We started with nothing but an idea that came from a desire to take responsibility for our own health and minimise the negative impact on the planet. Add that to an attitude that said “better to try and do something than nothing at all”, Earth Conscious was born. It feels like it’s been forever since that first idea back in 2014 yet here we are, despite everything, still here survive as a small business trying to grow our Earth Conscious brand with the best of intentions.

It’s been a roller coaster year with the need to adapt and make more changes. We boldly said goodbye to the Hippy Paste product name as boldly as we took it on and instead reverted back to just Earth Conscious.

Earth Conscious Natural Deodorant

We proudly won the Green Parent Magazine Award for Best Deodorant; took a stand at the Love Natural Love You Show at Olympia and more recently became an @theopaphitis SBS Winner. Growing our individual stockist list from the smaller online retailers and independents to the larger businesses really keeps us going. These are just a few of the achievements for us as a business this year.

Behind the scenes, it’s actually just two women who have put heart and soul into our venture, doing everything in and around family life, learning as we go, taking chances, hoping and believing in what we set out to do. Without the support of an experienced business person or financial backer that would probably enable us to move faster, it is true to say that we really value making good connections with other small businesses, bloggers and of course our customers because in a small business like ours where we are truly learning and holding on for dear life, every ounce of support helps. You could say we are trying to grow organically which is quite fitting for our products and brand ethos!

Support comes closer to home too. My husband continues to work tirelessly to support our family whilst putting up with the extra lack of time I have because of business and listens (sometimes) during the most stressful of times. There has been sacrifice from the whole family including the children as my time has been taken up with business and not to mention the fact we’ve moved around a lot this year! Elly, will tell you a similar scenario as she continues to hold down a job whilst working on  Earth Conscious. These are the realities of setting up a small business from basically nothing but the scraping together of some small personal finances.

There are undoubtedly more challenges ahead in 2017 and as with life, the future remains unknown and uncertain.  We can only adapt and be flexible as we learn. As individuals we are both still trying to be more earth conscious ourselves and as a brand we aim to remain as transparent as we can, doing the best that we can in providing high quality natural products that have a more positive impact on health and the environment. We hope to kick off the new year with a brand new product and hope you wish us luck.  We look forward to connecting with you in 2017 and hope it’s wonderful for all x

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