The Earth Conscious Story

The Earth Conscious Story

Earth Conscious began in 2014. That is when our Natural Deodorant was first created!

We started with nothing but an idea that came from a desire to take responsibility for our own health and minimise the negative impact on the planet. Add that to an attitude that said “better to try and do something than nothing at all”, Earth Conscious was born. It feels like it’s been forever since that first idea back in 2014 yet here we are, despite everything, still here surviving as a small business trying to grow our Earth Conscious brand with the best of intentions.

We began formulating and making at home in the kitchen, then in a dedicated garden annex and since then we have occupied 3 business units, gradually growing organically with each space.  We are again waiting to move into new bigger premises here on the Isle of Wight and we have exciting plans to expand our range of products. However, we remain very much a small family business upholding our own earth-conscious values. 


Made with Love

We continue to carefully source our ingredients with the same criteria that we began with. They must be natural, earth and body friendly as well as effective in the job that they are intended for.  We carefully select ethical suppliers and where possible we use organic and fair trade ingredients. Every ingredient is the best quality that it can be and has to have a valid reason for being part of our deodorants. 

We undertake many layers of testing to ensure they are always of the best quality, not just the cosmetic safety testing but ongoing testing of our products stability.  A part of that process includes testing the microbiology of our deodorants over periods of time to ensure that they are always safe and in top condition for you, our customers. 

Minimal, Functional, Plastic Free Packaging

We set out as a plastic free brand and the same remains true today. This means that we keep not only our product packaging plastic free but our postal packaging plastic free too. It continues to present challenges but we generally find away around things. Our packaging is either recyclable or compostable.

Not only are we interested in keep plastic at bay but we are keen to keep packaging to a minimum. In other words, we do not over-package. It's why our tins are just tins, there are no external boxes.  Our cardboard sticks are just the right size for good functionality.

Cruelty Free & Vegan Friendly Products

We are against animal testing. Simple. All of our products are cruelty free. That means the products themselves and the ingredients have not been tested on animals. We check with all our suppliers to ensure they comply with this. We are registered with Naturewatch Foundation, an animal welfare charity and we also hold Leaping Bunny Certification. 

All of our products are vegan friendly, as approved by The Vegetarian Society. 

Giving Back

Almost from the very start of our journey, 10p from every product sold has been donated to the Marine Conservation Society, a UK charity protecting our seas, shores and wildlife. In the last year alone, we are proud to have donated more than £7,000 and we will continue to support them again this year.

These are some of things that Earth Conscious are committed to which just leaves us to say a HUGE thank you to everyone who continues to enjoy and use our products.

Angela & the Earth Conscious Team

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