Toxin Free Cleaning with Humblestuff

I grew up in a household of bleach cleaning. In fact even the goldfish bowl was bleached which resulted in the orange fish turning white. That was a very long time ago now.

Despite my own mother’s cleaning abilities and habits I do not share the same enthusiasm at all. I used to, but to be honest with 4 children later and the concern over toxins and poisons from household cleaning products quite frankly it’s an area that my attitude has changed towards over time.

Household cleanliness has to be dealt with

I couldn’t stand to live in dirt. Toilets have to be cleaned and the kitchen needs to be hygienic not to mention the general household dust that needs to be dealt with. If you live with asthma sufferers or allergies to dust mites it needs handling. However, the smells from chemically laden kitchen and bathroom cleaners do not sit well with me. I hate them as much as air fresheners and the smog of antiperspirant. Choking nasty stuff.

Can you imagine my delight when Humble Stuff got in touch and asked to trade products with our Earth Conscious Natural Deodorant? I leapt at the chance. And, no this isn’t just a blog review to plug their product so they can plug ours this is a genuinely trustworthy post to say how pleased I am to find natural ingredients mixed together to provide a fresh pleasant smelling, non-toxic cleaning solution that appears to work very well.

Humble Stuff

Here at Earth Conscious we say this all the time. Affordability, time and functionality all play a part in the realities of ethical, green, healthy & natural choices. Humble Stuff is another conscious doable option as far as we’re concerned. Yes you could take those raw ingredients and do it yourself given time to get the perfect solutions but let’s face it who has the time? Time is our most precious commodity and we can’t do everything so thank you Humble Stuff for entering my world and doing it for us. We don’t have to think we can just spray knowing we are cleaning without toxifying ourselves.  

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