Why Earth Conscious Natural Vegan Deodorant

Earth Conscious Vegan Deodorant does not contain Beeswax - it's that simple.

The Earth Conscious Vegan Deodorant is made to offer those seeking Vegan alternatives. The only difference in ingredients between our vegan deodorant and the rest of the deodorant range is the beeswax.

Vegan Deodorant

It's still a 100% natural deodorant and just as effective as the original Earth Conscious formula. It will keep you free from body odour without harming your body or the environment.

Earth Conscious Vegan Deodorant is a softer formula due to the change in wax. It is advisable to keep your Vegan deodorant out of direct sunlight and refrigerate in warm weather if necessary. Our vegan formula tends to be more sensitive to the warmer weather than our Beeswax formula.

If you are a passionate Vegan and didn’t want to use our original formula because of the Beeswax you can join us on the Earth Conscious journey and use our Vegan Friendly version instead.
It was created especially for you.

Here at Earth Conscious HQ we like to think of ourselves as an inclusive brand creating products that everyone can use.

Our natural deodorants are unisex, they are suitable for Teens, Women and Men and of course now Vegans.

We are priced so that everyone can afford to make the switch.

Natural Products that are better for you should be available to everyone.

The ingredients are still of the highest quality, organic and soil association accredited where possible. Still palm oil free. We have approved use of the PeTa Cruelty Free logo which you can see on the tins.  

Of course the tin is still recyclable making Earth Conscious Vegan Deodorant the best functional, cost effective and eco friendly vegan natural deodorant in the UK!
We still donate to the Marine Conservation Society.
For every tin sold so you’re helping us help support a very worthy cause.


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