Natural Deodorants and Work Outs

It’s one thing to use a Natural Deodorant for everyday use but do they work during and after a vigorous workout? 

We have put our natural deodorant to the test on many occasions where extra sweating takes place. Working up a sweat cycling, running, at the gym, dancing and yoga classes to name but a few and our Earth Conscious deodorant has kept us stink free the whole time. Why?

The Earth Conscious Natural Deodorant is not an antiperspirant so the focus isn’t on stopping you sweating, the focus is on the ingredients and how they prevent body odour without harming your body or the environment.

It doesn’t matter how much you workout, the ingredients in our natural deodorant are designed to deodorise and that is exactly what they do.

Natural Deodorant at the gym

Coconut Oil is one of the main ingredients in our natural deodorant. It is naturally antibacterial and anti-fungal. Sodium Bicarbonate is an active ingredient in odour control and Arrowroot Powder naturally absorbs moisture. These three ingredients work actively together to keep body odour at bay without stopping the natural bodily process of sweating.

Let us be clear, antiperspirants work by blocking pores which we do not believe to be a healthy thing to do. Sweating is a natural bodily process and we have no intention of preventing that process during a workout or otherwise!

It is the creation of bacteria that causes Body Odour but by using a natural deodorant with the right ingredients your body will find a natural balance without the need of an antiperspirant.

It is worth pointing out that sometimes there is an adjustment period between making the switch from an antiperspirant (that has been blocking your sweat glands) to a natural deodorant. It doesn’t take long before your body enjoys the fact that you are no longer applying harmful toxins to your skin and you will find a balance with using a natural deodorant instead.

Spring and Summer time is a great time to make the switch so what are you waiting for!?

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Natural Deodorant Reviews - Brand Transparency

Did you know that we have natural deodorant reviews on our website? Well we do.

Reviews are important.

They are there to instil extra confidence in consumers when making decisions. We trust in the quality and effectiveness of our products and we believe in transparency which is why the natural deodorant reviews are in place. We have a page where we update reviews but there is a live software Reviews system there for customers to post directly.

Mostly, the reviews left by our Earth Conscious customers are extremely positive and we appreciate every single one of them. They encourage us to keep going and to continue to deliver on the promises we make as a brand.  Constructive feedback is welcome because it helps us serve our customers better.

Natural Deodorant Reviews

Occasionally, a product won’t suit - you can’t please everyone and a negative review may be left. We hope on these occasions that we can help to improve the experience and guide where necessary.


Expectations of a product such as natural deodorant can differ greatly and experience tells us that often if a negative review is left it has come from a place where the expectations of the product do not align with the Earth Conscious Natural Deodorant in the first place. It is a different experience from using an antiperspirant spray or roll on. 100% natural means it’s just not the same. It’s not supposed to be the same and we don’t want it to be the same.

Things to note when choosing Earth Conscious Natural Deodorant

The scents will be subtle. They are 100% natural, no synthetically derived scents.

Application is by finger tips. You will not have a wet application or a powerful smelling application that leaves your armpits tingling and your head in a cloud of powdered air.

In the unlikely event that our natural deodorant doesn’t work for you, ensure that you have detoxed from your antiperspirant use first. It may be that your body needs time to expel any build up from the toxins found in conventional products.  

To get maximum results, take your time in Adjusting to a natural deodorant and know that everyone’s needs are different. Some people benefit from a bigger application, others benefit from more frequent. The clothes you wear, the foods you eat and even hormonal changes throughout the month can determine how your body will perspire and indeed smell.

Most importantly of all, remember that natural deodorants are not designed to stop you sweating (although reports of sweating less when using them are frequent). We do not want to stop the natural bodily process of sweating.

We appreciate all of our natural deodorant reviews and we are grateful for all feedback from our Earth Conscious customers.

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Why Choose a Natural Organic Deodorant?

Choosing a Natural Organic Deodorant is a chance to protect not only our bodies but the environment too. By choosing Organic, we are working with nature, not against it. There will be fewer pesticides used for farming organic ingredients which help protect wildlife such as the birds & the bees.

Deodorants are absorbed into the skin really easily so we feel that using high quality, natural & organic ingredients is a safer alternative and a must for health too. It's just as important to consider what you put on to your body as what you do into it.


Earth Conscious Natural Deodorant will work with your body not against it. 

We source the majority of our ingredients for our natural deodorant as organic. We seek out certified organic by the Soil Association where sourceable. The antibacterial and antifungal properties of our natural ingredients will eliminate body odour without preventing your body from performing it's natural processes. We wouldn't want to encourage you to block sweat. Perspiration serves to release toxins as well as keep the body cool.

The benefits of using organic ingredients go on and on.

Not only do we believe our health is safer in the hands of a natural organic deodorant but  the environment is safer too.

When the Earth Conscious Natural Organic Deodorant is washed away, the organic ingredients pose no threat to the earth and we can be sure that it's not harming the water around us. Marine Life can be negatively affected by many ingredients found in deodorant and other body products. This can affect the whole environment going up the food chain.

The Soil Association

The Soil Association is the UK’s most recognised authority for organic certification so we trust their authority. Not only do they regulate the chemicals and toxins used to grow organic products, they also promote general good practice in maintaining the soil and earth that we all depend on. On top of that they have strict ethical policies so we can be sure that our organic ingredients are produced without cruelty too.

We can have confidence in the way the ingredients are grown and sourced as being a good choice for the environment and better for nature.  For example, the earth will have been protected against excess crop spraying and toxins and these are really important principles to us as a brand.

Switching to a Natural Organic Deodorant is one way you can start to make a difference.


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Earth Day 2017

Today is Earth Day.

Here at Earth Conscious we try to make every day an Earth Day just by being mindful of our actions. We're not perfect but we do try to make greener ethical choices when and where we can.

This year we are supporters of #standfortrees and have chosen to help support the Rimba Raya Orangutan Reserve in Indonesia. With two young daughters who absolutely love Orangutan it was an easy choice to make from the selection of forests.

Rimba Raya is home to over 300 species of birds, 122 species of mammals, and 180 species of trees. It helps to protect local species including the Bornean Orangutan, clouded leopard, gibbon, proboscis monkey and Asian sun bear. It helps to improve access to clean water for local communities who protect the forest. And, it supports rehabilitation & environmental education programs — including the Orangutan Foundation International Program

If you want to find out our you can offset some of your carbon footprint click on our photograph certificate below.

Stand For Trees

Earth Conscious also supports Marine Conservation Society in the UK

We donate 10p per tin of deodorant sold to MSUK.

Today we are offering 20% off with the code EarthDay.

Help us Help them this Earth Day.

Natural Deodorant

Will leave you with a powerful video

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What does Ethical even mean?

Ethical means different things to different people.

For me personally, it means having a positive impact by understanding more about the choices we make. I am particularly interested in the choices we make as consumers. By making more thoughtful choices the negative impact on the environment will be less. Everything is connected in some way so these conscious choices include ones that do not negatively affect others too, not just humans. Ultimately through making these choices there may be a more positive outcome for all.

I wasn’t always mindful of such matters.

I’m in my 40s with a husband and four children (two sets of twins by the way!) and  prior to children I was less conscious of my choices. I’d go as far to say that having children has changed everything for me and is the reason I am on this path today.  I don’t want the world now or in the future to be anything less than safe and happy for them.

Before motherhood, I worked in London and didn’t give too much thought to health (other than going to the gym). I was very much raised as an omnivore and would never have questioned the ethics behind eating animal produce or really where the food I consumed came from - I just enjoyed eating it. Nor would I have thought too much about ingredients such as palm oil causing deforestation.

As a fairly minimal cosmetic and skincare consumer I would still have purchased perfumes, bath products, deodorants, moisturisers, lipsticks etc and would have assumed that they were safe to use and also be cruelty free.

Cruelty Free

I know now that just because something is available to buy doesn’t mean it is good for the body or that it hasn’t been tested on animals. I wouldn’t have considered the impact of the ingredients on the environment or even where the packaging may end up.

I certainly wouldn’t have questioned where my clothing was made or by whom and would go as far to say that being mindful of waste or landfill just wasn’t on the radar. Positively, I was always interested in second hand both for clothing and home but at that time it was more about finding a bargain and saving money than anything else.

Be More Earth Conscious 2017

The reality of being more Ethical or being more Earth Conscious still comes down to survival in it’s day to day form and doing what you can - not everyone’s circumstances are the same. It’s about awareness and a willingness to learn and then decide for yourself. I am still deciding myself on heaps of stuff. I don’t feel the preachy approach is a positive one if you really want to bring about change.  

In 2017 I am basically a Vegetarian and am choosing a plant based wholefood diet as the best way forward for personal health and the planet. I may well fall off the Vegetarian Wagon from time to time, we shall see.  I do not drink milk but I do like Cheese although am openly in pursuit of giving that up too. Cheese sandwiches are an easy lunch to grab if buying on the fly but I’m not pleased by the things I read reference the Dairy Industry.

It is unlikely at this stage I would become Vegan as I eat Eggs (less now we don’t have easy access to hens that have been lovingly kept by neighbours) and I use Honey when I have a sore throat - tried and tested medicinal purposes over many years. And, of course, we use Beeswax in our natural deodorant range (not the vegan friendly range obviously!)

Be More Earth Conscious

Ethical choices including Eco Friendly, Organic, Natural choices are thought to be more expensive and often each purchase will be compared to other perhaps less ethical choices. It does seem a little twisted that things that are better for us should cost more but the saving is in other more important areas.

Thing is, if you don’t have the spondoolicks in the first place you can’t make the purchase! Taking small steps, making and changing choices one step at a time is in my opinion the way to go.  This is how I continue my own personal endeavours.

Speaking from a business perspective, it seems reasonable to me that part of our duty as trying to be ethical is that our natural products are affordable and accessible to everyone not just those with more disposable income. If you want to bring about change then people need to be able to get on board.

Earth Conscious

The ethical learning process continues and the road to a greener & healthier lifestyle continues. Small steps, do what you can when you can, be a little more Earth Conscious each day and hopefully have a positive impact.

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Lets Talk About Sweat

Given we make an Earth Conscious 100% Natural Deodorant, sweat and body odour are two topics that interest us so lets talk about sweat.

To be clear, sweat doesn’t smell. The bacteria on our skin is what makes the smell. There are around 300 different species of bacteria existing in our armpits alone and certain types thrive in different conditions.

Micrococcus, for example, which can be found on human skin transforms the compounds in sweat into the unpleasant odour we know as BO.

Natural Deodorant Lavender

The Earth Conscious Natural Deodorant is not an antiperspirant and we do not wish to encourage use of antiperspirants - we believe sweating is a natural and important part bodily process. Choosing a natural deodorant is a healthier option for both your body and the environment.

If you want maximum results from wearing natural deodorants then keeping clean is a priority although the Earth Conscious Natural Deodorant will deodorise if you’ve already worked up a bit of a funk and does make for an ideal deodorant for travel, camping and festivals.

The clothing that you wear is also key to maximum success. A recent BBC documentary disclosed that the clothing we wear mixed with bacteria will also affect how much we smell. Micrococcus bacteria likes the synthetic fabric environment, so if you’re opting for the stay dry kind of gym gear, although the fabric will keep you dry it is more susceptible to the rancid smell of Body Odour.

Sticking to natural cotton fabrics will help you stay fresh. If you do choose to wear synthetic fabrics (and lets be honest sometimes they are more practical) then be sure to keep washing them. The fact is the nasty smell will just increase the longer you leave them without washing the sweat and bacteria off. Therefore, if staying fresh and sweet smelling is your preference but you still want to make a healthy and green choice by using a natural deodorant, then choosing natural cotton fabrics too would be the way to go not the stay dry sports clothing. The same would apply for everyday clothing too - opt for natural fabrics not synthetics.


It’s all about the natural it seems!

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Earth Conscious Natural Deodorant Reviews

Here at Earth Conscious we use the platform so that customers can openly leave reviews should they wish. It never fails to delight when people take the time to review and we often share this across our social media platforms.

Natural Deodorants

Here is one of the absolute latest reviews just in and is an example of why we continue to make the Earth Conscious Natural Deodorant affordable and available so that everyone can make the choice to use a natural product that is better for your body and the environment.

I have been using natural deodorants for about 5 years and this is the best! (And I have tried a few!) It did a good job yesterday when I left the house overdressed (not realising it was quite warm really) and carried my 2 stone 2 year old on my back for a mile or so. And I, somehow, wasn't particularly sweaty and didn't smell. Also worked well at an exercise class - yes, I was sweaty (as I would have been even when using anti-perspirant) but I didn't smell bad. I had been worried about the mint scent being overpowering but it's really unobtrusive - just a "fresh" smell really. I had been loyal to another brand for over a year, but I'll be switching to this as it is from the UK, is a third of the price, appears to be available to buy whenever you want, and works better. Brilliant!

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100% Natural No Nasties Baby Balm

Our Natural Baby Balm is the completely natural way to help keep your baby’s skin soft and hydrated. We use only 100% natural ingredients and the ingredients will be certified organic where possible. Use as a nappy balm or for general dry skin patches.

Made from ingredients that all work towards keeping skin soft and moisturised. It makes the perfect balm for baby bottoms but can equally be used by Mum too!

Coconut Oil melts easily into skin making it great for dry, itchy or sensitive skin.

Shea Butter helps retain moisture and elasticity.

Apricot Kernel Oil is an all round emollient ideal for use on inflamed skin.

Jojoba is a natural compound most similar to human skin oil thus providing a balancing element to the balm formula.

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Earth Conscious Antibacterial Deodorant

The Earth Conscious Natural Deodorant serves as an Antibacterial Deodorant. The unique natural formula coupled with the antibacterial and anti-fungal qualities of the ingredients such as coconut oil and sodium bicarbonate mean that your armpits can stay bacteria free all day whilst smelling fresh too.





It’s not sweat that smells.

You may notice that when you become sweaty say from exercising, it’s not actually whilst you are sweating that you get the smell of Body Odour. The smell comes at the point where the sweat has dried and the bacteria on your armpits combine to give off the strong scent of Body Odour.



Antibacterial Deodorant 

Earth Conscious Natural Deodorant works differently.

It is natural to sweat so our deodorant is a natural deodorant that works with your body not against it.

We want you to sweat, you should be sweating, it’s a toxin release. What we don’t want is you to smell because that’s just anti-social! That’s where using an antibacterial deodorant saves the day. It eliminates the body odour whereas common antiperspirant deodorants work by blocking the sweat pores and not allowing the sweat through. We don’t advise using antiperspirant.

Make the switch today!

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Should I stop using Antiperspirant?

Over the last 10 years, there has been much debate over the safety of antiperspirants and the increased levels of breast cancer. It seems the jury is still out. Here at Earth Conscious we prefer to err on the side of caution which is why we make our 100% natural deodorant creams.

How do Antiperspirants work?

Antiperspirants use aluminium based compounds as the active ingredient. They work work by releasing aluminium salts to a layer below the skin. When you sweat the aluminium then swells up to block the release of sweat.  Aluminium is not the only cause for concern. Antiperspirants can often contain other chemicals that are not good for us either; Parabens, Triclosan, Propylene Glycol to name but a few.


What are the Implications for our bodies?

There are neurological diseases also linked to aluminium within the body. Several studies have linked aluminium to Alzheimer’s Disease. Professor Exley of Keele University says in the journal Frontiers in Neurology “… aluminium may cause a particular condition to be more aggressive and perhaps to have an earlier onset - such occurrences have already been shown in Alzheimer’s disease related to environmental and occupational exposure to aluminium.

There have been studies where parabens have also been found in breast cancer tumours, so is this another ingredient common in antiperspirant that we should be avoiding?

Parabens have oestrogen mimicking properties too. Breast Cancer UK are campaigning for all parabens to be phased out from cosmetics due to associated health risks.

Here at Earth Conscious our position is one of caution.

Our bodies were built to sweat. We are designed to rid waste material that the body does not need through perspiration. Perspiration is the method that allows toxins to be released.

Whether or not studies can find prove beyond doubt that using aluminium is totally safe or not, we opt for a route of caution. 

Our Natural Deodorant is free from aluminium and parabens. It doesn’t stop the body from sweating. It instead tackles body odour through its antibacterial nature. The ingredients are 100% natural and pose no health risks.

The health of our customers is of utmost importance to us which is why we do not compromise on our ingredients. We also know from customer feedback that there is real concern about the widespread use of antiperspirants and that a 100% Natural Deodorant is an important health choice for many. 

We are listed here on the EWG Skin Deep Database with a score of 1 meaning we are scored as having the lowest hazard risk for our natural deodorant.

Further reading:

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How to Apply Natural Cream Deodorant

To apply Earth Conscious Natural Cream Deodorant simply rub your fingers in a circular motion until you have the desired amount and apply to your underarms.

You only need a small amount and any excess can simply be rubbed into your hands or simply rinse if preferred. 

You may find applying deodorant with your fingertips odd at first but you will be amazed how simply this becomes part of your daily routine.

The Earth Conscious Natural Cream Deodorant will leave your underarms feeling moisturised - it really is a nice experience. Many customers comment on how soft their underarms feel and it's even helped some people with skin conditions such as Eczema.

Our customers have reported that applying our natural cream deodorant is also an excellent reminder to do a breast check and we believe it’s always good to be comfortable and in touch with our own bodies. 

How To Apply Natural Deodorant

Top Natural Deodorant Tips

In warmer weather it is super easy to scoop out and in colder weather the warmth of your fingers will soften up the paste textured natural cream deodorant enough to ensure easy application.

If during the warmer months it gets too warm we recommend storing your deodorant away from direct sunlight. The Vegan range may require refridgeration due to the stability of the wax used. Beeswax is more stable.

During the winter months, if it gets too cold and your deodorant becomes too solid, try placing on top of a towel on top of a radiator for a short while can help to soften.

Please read our FAQs for further information.

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Why we make a 100% Natural Deodorant

Making the Earth Conscious Natural Deodorant was born out of a need to find a natural deodorant that worked effectively against body odour. Over the years, many natural and non-natural products have been tested without great success and this drove us to start making our own. The very first Earth Conscious Natural Deodorant became available in 2014 and since then the basic formula has stayed very much the same. It is proven to work and we just tweak for improvements. 

100% Natural Deodorant


Why the need for a Natural Deodorant in the first place?

Well, we believe that taking responsibility for our own health is something everyone should feel empowered to do. With breast cancer on the rise and the concerns over aluminium in antiperspirants we didn’t want to use such products anymore. It no longer felt comfortable to be preventing our bodies from doing what nature intended. Whether the evidence concerning aluminium is conclusive or not, we would rather not take the risk. Couple that with the fact that we had already started out on a greener living lifestyle ourselves there were other reasons for not wanting to use antiperspirants or indeed non-natural deodorants.

Other parabens and toxic ingredients within these products causing harm not only to our bodies but to the environment at large. The packaging involved that would either not be recycled and end up in landfill not to mention the harm to marine life.

It really went from there.

Natural Deodorant became a natural fit for the Earth Conscious Brand.

We realised that the well being of our planet is indeed connected to the well being of our bodies and we need to look after both. Our Natural Deodorant is not just another product jumping on the green and clean bandwagon it is about functionality and affordability too.

Making the switch to a natural deodorant is an easy step along a greener and healthier lifestyle, one which is affordable and accessible to many. 

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