ºCertified Organic Soil Association
  • Love & Care

    Our secret ingredients
    Not Tested on Animals…Ever
    Suitable for Vegans

  • No Nasties

    We believe in being kind to your skin

  • ºCoconut Oil

    Anti-bacterial and anti-fungal, coconut oil is also incredibly soothing and keeps your skin moisturised

  • Sunflower Wax

    This wax, from the seed of the Sunflower, is rich in Vitamin A, E and essential fatty acids: it promotes skin health and eliminates bacteria

  • ºShea Butter

    From the nuts of the Shea Tree, Shea Butter is full of essential fatty acids and vitamins A, E and F. Highly moisturising and nourishing for your skin

  • Sodium Bicarbonate

    Nicer than it sounds - natural, edible, antibacterial and absorbent. It’s also very powerful keeping odour at bay

  • Jojoba Wax

    From the seed of the Jojoba bush, Jojoba wax esters are non-allergenic and naturally anti-bacterial. They don’t clog your pores and can balance oil production in your skin

  • ºArrowroot Powder

    Another edible flour that is incredibly absorbent and helps keep your armpits dry

  • Vitamin E

    An extra shot of Vitamin E with antioxidant and skin conditioning properties fights against the destructive effects of free radicals

  • Essential Oils

    The purest oils give a light fragrance you won’t find overpowering


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