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Why use Earth Conscious Natural Deodorant?

Our natural deodorant contains no parabens, no aluminum, just simple natural ingredients. Whatever you apply to your skin can seep through into your bloodstream. For an example of this in action think of nicotine patches. Therefore, it is well worth thinking about the ingredients of the products that you are placing on your skin, in the same way that you already think about the foods that you eat. Not only is our natural deodorant better for your own health it also better for the planet. None of the ingredients will harm marine life when washed away. All of our packaging is recyclable and we use no plastic.

What is in the Earth Conscious Natural Deodorant?

Earth Conscious Natural Deodorant is made from natural ingredients. There are no parabens or aluminium to worry about.

Is the Earth Conscious Natural Deodorant Organic?

We use high quality organic ingredients wherever possible which is pretty much every ingredient. Sodium Bicarbonate, however, is a naturally forming salt and is impossible to be classified as organic. The organic ingredients we source are generally Soil Association certified organic ingredients. At some point in the future we will aim to obtain certified organic certification.

Are the Scents Strong?

Our deodorant scents are subtle. We use natural essential oils to fragrance at low, safe levels. We do not believe in using lab made copies of components of essential oils and calling them natural to get an overpowering smell. Ours are the real thing. Which is also nice as you get the physical benefits too, such as the calming lavender or uplifting peppermint.  

Is the Earth Conscious Natural Deodorant safe to use during Pregnancy

The essential oils in all the scents are under 1% composition of the total product. Our safety testing prescribes it is safe for pregnant woman. However we do have an unscented if you were really unsure and of course always seek medical advice if you have any concerns.

How Do I Apply My Deodorant? Is it Messy?

The deodorant is in a cream paste form.

If choosing the Earth Conscious Natural Deodorant Stick, you can apply straight from the cardboard tube. It's extremely convenient with no residue left on fingers.

If choosing the tin, the easiest way to apply is to scoop a small amount up with your fingers and rub it in under your arms. If you have any residue on your fingertips it also makes a great handcream so just rub it in or rinse it off. No mess. Applying deodorant to your pits with your fingers may feel unusual at first, but it’s just your armpits and we would encourage everyone to get more in touch with their bodies.

Is the Earth Conscious Natural Deodorant Suitable for Children?

Our deodorant is safe for Teenagers to use, so basically children over the age of 12.  It is, in our opinion, the best most organic and natural deodorant you can give to a girl or boy hitting puberty or as a deodorant for a teenager. At that crucial time in development we really don’t like the idea of our own children using deodorant, or any product containing known hormone disruptors like some of the known brands do (see the Environmental Working Groups database (LINK IS http://www.ewg.org/skindeep/) for more information on toxins in deodorants and cosmetics.

Can you tell me more about the Packaging?

The Earth Conscious Natural Deodorant Stick comes in a cardboard tube which is biodegradable or recyclable. Easy to carry around as well as easy to store at home.

The Earth Conscious Natural Deodorant in a tin is made from aluminium which is widely recycled. It is easy to carry around in your bag with a secure screw top lid. The tins that we use have been treated with a food safe lacquer which conforms to EU standards, eliminating any potential problems of aluminium traces being in the product.

How should I store my deodorants?

As our natural deodorants are made from completely natural ingredients they can alter depending on the temperature. In colder weather you will notice that your Stick Deodorant is firmer, it will melt into your skin as you use it as your body temperature will warm it up. Sometimes the colder weather can make the sticks trickier to push up in the cardboard tube. In winter we advise storing your deodorant in a warm place in your home. 21 degrees is a good temperature. Alternatively, you could pop it on your radiator for a couple of minutes or microwave it for a few seconds to soften it during cold periods.

Our tin deodorants can also get firmer in the winter time. Again, it is best to store them in a warm place, around 21 degrees is ideal. Popping them on the radiator is a good option if they are really firm, although often the warmth of your fingers in the tin will warm them up enough to be able to use. 

In the summer the natural ingredients in our deodorant often soften. This isn’t normally a problem for our stick deodorants as they stay fairly firm in the warm weather. Our tin deodorants, we recommend keeping them in a cool place during heat waves and hot weather. Out of the sun and if you have a colder bathroom, that is ideal. The softer texture of your deodorant will not affect how well it works. If you are taking it out and about with you in hot weather it is best kept upright and you may wish to consider using a stick deodorant for those times. 

How Much Should I Use?

A small amount applied directly from the tube or gathered on your fingertips from the tin is usually enough to cover your underarm area.  Our natural deodorant works by being an anti bacterial formula so it’s very personal as to the amount that is needed and some days you may need more than others depending on what else is going on in your body.

Will Earth Conscious Natural Deodorant Irritate my Sensitive Skin?

The armpits are a very delicate area, particularly if you shave. Our deodorant contains only natural ingredients but that doesn’t guarantee that your skin won’t react to them. We have very few reported cases of any reaction but some people report being sensitive to sodium bicarbonate and some with essential oils. Often a reaction can simply be related to the ph levels of your skin which can change at any time with diet and other factors within your body. If you find that you do have a reaction to your Earth Conscious Natural Deodorant we recommend applying apple cider vinegar to the area and to stop using your deodorant for a time until your skin has returned to normal.  

Why use Earth Conscious Natural Baby Balm?

Our natural baby balm is completey natural and gentle on skin and can be used to help nappy rash. All the ingredients work towards keeping skin soft and moisturised. Additionally, none of the ingredients will harm marine life when washed away. All of our packaging is recyclable and we use no plastic.

GRAPEFRUIT & LEMON Natural Deodorant Balm - 60g
Grapefruit Lemon Fairtrade Deodorant Stick
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Lemon Rosemary Natural Deodorant Stick
Grapefruit Lemon Bare Bar natural Deodorant
Lemon Solid Natural Deodorant Bar
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Lavender & Tea Tree Natural Deodorant Stick
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Jasmine Deodorant Balm
Lavender Natural Deodorant Bar
Mint Strong Protection Natural Deodorant Stick
Sustainable Natural Deodorant Balm Peppermint
Indian Bay Leaf & Orange Natural Deodorant Stick
Fairtrade Natural Deodorant Unscented
Pure Unscented Natural Deodorant Stick
Pure unscented Solid Deodorant Bar
Grapefruit Lemon Bare Bar natural Deodorant
Lavender Natural Deodorant Bar
Reusable Bare Bar Natural Deodorant - Travel & Storage Tin
Lemon Solid Natural Deodorant Bar
Pure unscented Solid Deodorant Bar
Bicarb Free Delicate Lavender Natural Deodorant
Natural Organic Baby Balm
Solid Lotion Body Bar - Zero Waste
SOLID MOISTURISER BAR 80g - May Chang & Cocoa
Reusable Bare Bar Natural Deodorant - Travel & Storage Tin
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Eco Friendly Christmas Wrapping Paper - Woodland Friends
Recycled Kraft Eco Wrapping Paper - Spellbound
Kraft Eco Wrapping Paper - Christmas Penguins
Eco Wrapping Paper - Christmas Trees
Ex-Inflatable Stand Up Wash Bag / Travel Pouch
Box Wash Bag / Gym Bag
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