How Long Does our Earth Conscious Natural Deodorants Last For?

How Long Does our Earth Conscious Natural Deodorants Last For?

How long do Earth Conscious Natural Deodorants Last For?

The Earth Conscious Range of Natural Deodorants have been designed to last our customers a minimum of 3 months. Not only that they are designed with small compact packaging so there is no waste at the end of use. They are designed to last so customers do not need to replenish their purchases too often thus saving on time and energy in transportation.

The Bare Bar Range

Swiping just once per day with two swipes per armpit, the 90g Bare Bar should last 6 months. Thats 0.05p per day! At the end of use you'll be left with a cardboard recyclable box and a small piece of recyclable baking paper. 

how long does the bare bare last 

The Natural Deodorant Stick Range

Often the most popular initial choice for a customer converting from a plastic conventional supermarket deodorant. Robust & Compact, the 60g natural deodorant packaged in a recyclable or compostable cardboard tube will last on average 3-4 months. At the end of it's life all you'll be left with is a small cardboard tube!

 how long does natural deodorant stick last 

Natural Deodorant Balm in a TIN

Where it all began, with a Natural Deodorant Balm in a Tin. Possibly the most economical of all the applications if used sparingly! We've had customers report 6 to 8 months use from one tin.....a little really does go a long way.

how long does the earth conscious natural deodorant last

There are variables to how long each product will last and of course it's dependent upon the individual (even the size of an armpit area is a variable!) but we've been keeping people smelling fresh since 2014 so have a fair amount of testing and feedback to draw upon. 

Earth Conscious prides itself on being ALL GOOD. We try to do the best we can do as a brand and this includes creating the best value for money natural deodorants that we can.

We do all of this and still use ethically sourced natural, organic ingredients designed with very minimal waste at the end of their life span - there is little left and nothing to end up as micro plastics in the environment.






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