Natural and Plastic Free

Let’s talk Natural and Plastic Free. Here at Earth Conscious we are a plastic free brand and our Natural Deodorant products are natural. That’s 100% natural. We do not use synthetic fragrances. When we say the product is 100% it really is. The natural organic ingredients will not harm your body or the environment so it’s a total win win all round.

Eco Friendly Deodorant

Product Packaging

In terms of our product packaging, our Natural Deodorant comes to you in a sleek recyclable tin and if posted directly from us it will arrive in a Jiffy Green bag - so that’s no plastic bubble wrap sneakily hidden inside the walls of those postal envelopes.

It is important to us to stick to our plastic free commitment and my goodness that has proved challenging at times. We considered glass as a potential product packaging but of course there are obvious smashing issues and given our Natural Deodorant makes for a fabulous travel deodorant, glass is not suitable.

Plastic applicators would be such an easy option for us particularly with our product development going forward but we have pledged not to go down that route. In the future, could we consider some kind of recycled plastic? Well maybe. It would take much more consideration and due diligence so we could ensure that environmentally recycled plastic was a good decision.

For now, we will stick to our plastic free commitment. For every tin sold a donation is made to Marine Conservation in the UK so everyone is helping one another. 

Protect Marine Conservation

Going natural and plastic free in your deodorant choice may just be one small step but it’s one small step that is easy to make. Collectively we can all make for a bigger brighter picture.

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