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Did you know that we have natural deodorant reviews on our website? Well we do.

Reviews are important.

They are there to instil extra confidence in consumers when making decisions. We trust in the quality and effectiveness of our products and we believe in transparency which is why the natural deodorant reviews are in place. We have a page where we update reviews but there is a live software Reviews system there for customers to post directly.

Mostly, the reviews left by our Earth Conscious customers are extremely positive and we appreciate every single one of them. They encourage us to keep going and to continue to deliver on the promises we make as a brand.  Constructive feedback is welcome because it helps us serve our customers better.

Natural Deodorant Reviews

Occasionally, a product won’t suit - you can’t please everyone and a negative review may be left. We hope on these occasions that we can help to improve the experience and guide where necessary.


Expectations of a product such as natural deodorant can differ greatly and experience tells us that often if a negative review is left it has come from a place where the expectations of the product do not align with the Earth Conscious Natural Deodorant in the first place. It is a different experience from using an antiperspirant spray or roll on. 100% natural means it’s just not the same. It’s not supposed to be the same and we don’t want it to be the same.

Things to note when choosing Earth Conscious Natural Deodorant

The scents will be subtle. They are 100% natural, no synthetically derived scents.

Application is by finger tips. You will not have a wet application or a powerful smelling application that leaves your armpits tingling and your head in a cloud of powdered air.

In the unlikely event that our natural deodorant doesn’t work for you, ensure that you have detoxed from your antiperspirant use first. It may be that your body needs time to expel any build up from the toxins found in conventional products.  

To get maximum results, take your time in Adjusting to a natural deodorant and know that everyone’s needs are different. Some people benefit from a bigger application, others benefit from more frequent. The clothes you wear, the foods you eat and even hormonal changes throughout the month can determine how your body will perspire and indeed smell.

Most importantly of all, remember that natural deodorants are not designed to stop you sweating (although reports of sweating less when using them are frequent). We do not want to stop the natural bodily process of sweating.

We appreciate all of our natural deodorant reviews and we are grateful for all feedback from our Earth Conscious customers.

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