Earth Conscious Ingredient Spotlight - Organic Lavender Essential Oil

Earth Conscious Ingredient Spotlight - Organic Lavender Essential Oil

Legendary Lavender 

In the first of our ingredient spotlights, we look at lavender essential oil, one of our key fragrances which features in our original Lavender and Tea Tree Natural Deodorant Balm and Natural Deodorant Stick. The lavender essential oil has been with us since the beginning of Earth Conscious and we love it!

We use essential oils in our deodorants for many reasons. Firstly, to give you a lovely yet totally natural scent for your underarms, with nothing synthetic added at all. And secondly, because essential oils have so many amazing benefits to the body and mind, so a daily dose of them while you're applying your deodorant gives you an extra plus point. 

Organic Lavender Essential Oil

Our lavender essential oil is Soil Association Certified as Organic and is grown in the Southern regions of France. The popular beautiful plants produce bright blue flowers and have been used for centuries to fragrance homes, lotions, and soaps. The lavender flowers grown in France are steam distilled to extract the pure essence, giving us the potent essential oil that we use to fragrance our natural deodorants. 

Lavender Essential Oil Deodorant 

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Benefits of Lavender Essential Oil

We all probably associate lavender essential oil as being calming. It certainly gives us that feeling when we are working on producing our natural deodorants here! But more than that there is research that shows that “Lavender oil aromatherapy has shown to be effective in the management of anxiety and depression and small and medium-sized controlled and uncontrolled clinical trials.” (Jeremy Appledon ND, National Medical Journal). So breathe in deep when you apply your natural deodorant!

Not only are there these huge benefits to our mental well-being, but lavender oil also has benefits to the skin itself. Studies show that lavender essential oil has antimicrobial properties, appearing to fight microbe infections including Calendula strains (Journal of Medical Microbiology). This is great news for application to the underarms in particular. It also is thought to work for inflammation and is used by many to relieve pain from various causes of inflammation, including sunburn. 

Many commercial insect repellent products contain lavender oil, it makes for both a repellent for insect bites and also a soother for the after-effects of insect bites, helping to calm the skin and help with that itchy feeling after a bite. 

On the body as a whole, lavender essential oil is associated with improving digestion. It is thought that the relaxation element of the oil on the mind, not only causes calmness there but also works to relax the intestines and soothe stomach cramps, which would make for a decrease in pain, a better overall digestion process and help with constipation. 

The benefits of lavender essential oil go on and on, and although there is limited scientific study into its effects, there is some supporting evidence alongside suggestions for more research into versatile oils like lavender essential oil. We love working with it and we are happy that your natural deodorant gives you that chance to experience the lavender effect every day!

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