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Earth Day Every Day

Earth Day Every Day

Earth Day is an environmental movement that takes place on the 22nd April every year since the movement began in 1970. You can find out more about the history and the organisation over at Earth Day

Earth Day can be Every Day if we are being mindful of our actions, making green and ethical choices when and where we are able, even the smallest of choices can count. There is no perfect way to do this, it's just doing the stuff that we can do and each person and every household may be able to do different things.

Small Steps Count

Pure Unscented Natural Deodorant

Aside of making and using our plastic-free natural deodorants, here are some of the things that the Earth Conscious household do. 

use reusable water bottles and coffee mugs

use reusable period pants (4 women in our household)

we mend and fix items wherever possible before replacing

we try to minimise food waste

we buy refillable cleaning products from a local supplier

buy local wherever possible

buy from small business

buy organic produce (not always but for somethings like peanut butter which is also palm oil free and made in the UK)

buy glass or cardboard packaged products (again not always but for some items, think ketchup!)

buy Fairtrade chocolate & coffee

buy unpackaged fruit & vegetables when the choice is available to us

Marking the Earth Day Occasion

Over the year's Earth Conscious has chosen to support various charities. For a few years we have chosen #standfortrees. This Year we donated to to help protect the Bonobos in Mai Ndombe. 


Earth Day 2022 Stand For Trees

Previously we selected the Rimba Raya Orangutan Reserve in Indonesia. When our youngest twins were younger they absolutely loved Orangutan (obviously we all still do) but it was an easy choice to make from the selection of forests.


Stand For Trees

Rimba Raya is home to over 300 species of birds, 122 species of mammals, and 180 species of trees. It helps to protect local species including the Bornean Orangutan, clouded leopard, gibbon, proboscis monkey and Asian sun bear. It helps to improve access to clean water for local communities who protect the forest. And, it supports rehabilitation & environmental education programs — including the Orangutan Foundation International Program

The Marine Conservation Society

Every single day Earth Conscious supports The Marine Conservation Society, a charity protecting our seas, shores and wildlife. We donate 10p from every product sold. 
Ocean Friendly Natural Deodorant

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Be More Earth Conscious

Be More Earth Conscious

Be More Earth Conscious - what does that even mean?

For us, it is of course our brand but it is so much more than just our business. It is a way of life, a mindset. It’s the need to be more Earth Conscious for the greater good, for the health and happiness of our planet and everything living on it. It’s about understanding that small changes do matter. We may not be able to do it all, however, doing something opposed to nothing, is still the right way to go. 

If every single one of us made just one change because of health or environmental reasons (and we believe these two things are connected) then collectively we may even make a big difference!

Where Do We Start?

It could be refusing to buy plastic bottled water and instead carry a reusable bottle.

It could be refusing to buy that chemically laden beauty product in plastic packaging.

It could be focusing on minimising food waste.

It could be focusing on buying less or seeking second hand first.

Whatever the choice, even one better choice for health and environmental reasons is a start.

Being more green or health conscious is not an overnight fix or trendy fad and neither is it about living completely off grid in the wilderness or being a huge activist (although either of those choices are both admirable and totally cool), it’s just keeping it real and relative to our own daily lives whatever they may be and trying to be Earth Conscious within them.

Education and learning play a huge part and becoming more aware of what’s going on in the world around us and taking personal responsibility for the things that we can realistically change ourselves is ongoing work in progress.

We Are In It Together

Here at the Earth Conscious family, we are riding the life rollercoaster alongside you all and we realise that we can't do everything, we can't be everything to everyone but we can all work with what is available to us.  

Our choice is an Earth Conscious one. We take as much responsibility as we can for our health and happiness and know that everything is connected and the choices we make can and will ultimately come back and bite us on the bottom if we don’t take care of them.

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