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The Bare Bar - Earth Conscious gets Naked

The Bare Bar - Earth Conscious gets Naked

The Bare Bar is here at last!

You may have noticed that our coming soon sign for this new natural deodorant product has been sitting on our website for some time. We are now very excited to announce that after working on this product for so long, our (click here) Earth Conscious Bare Bar is here and we are so happy with it. 


Unpackaged Bare Bar - Natural deodorant

What is the Bare Bar?

It is a natural deodorant bar that is designed to have minimal packaging. It looks similar to a chunky bar of soap but feels like our Natural Deodorant Stick (although a little more solid). To use it, simply run it over your armpits and either rub it in or leave it to soak in for some minutes before you get dressed. The amazing active ingredients get to work on reducing the bacteria and fungus that are present in your underarms, thus stopping the odour from occurring. 

The ergonomic Bare Bar has been designed as a lovely shape to hold, it has a curve to it and this makes it really easy to glide across your armpit area. We are finding it so easy just to pick up and apply. It weighs a nice and chunky 90g so there is plenty of product there to keep you going for a few months. 

Amazing ingredients

The Bare Bar contains the same high quality and natural ingredients as our other deodorant range. Our ingredients include skin softening coconut oil, shea butter, bicarbonate of soda and vitamin E oil, for extra nourishment. We ensure that our ingredients are always Soil Association certified organic where it is possible to source them as so. And of course, our fragrance is only ever essential oils, giving you a natural boost. 

Receiving the Bare Bar

We send your Bare Bar out to you in a simple paper wrap so that you have somewhere to keep it, and a small leaflet with instructions and ingredient information and that is it, as simple as it gets! You can use the lovely paper wrap to carry your Bare Bar out and about with you if you wish. The paper wrap is both recyclable and home compostable when you are finally finished with your Bare Bar. 

Earth Conscious Bare Bar - Grapefruit & Lemon

Less is More

The environment is always a key focus for our product range. We do not over-package, over-engineer or over-complicate. Keeping it simple and functional with good quality ingredients that get the job done! Less really is more. 

Minimal packaging is best for the planet so we have that covered, plus naturally, your deodorant will be posted to you in plastic-free, 100% recycled postage packaging. On top of this pledge, we also ensure our ingredients don’t pose any threat to marine life or the environment when they are washed away, and we continue to donate to the Marine Conservation Society with every product sold in support of their efforts for our seas. 

Earth Conscious Bare Bar Grapefruit and Lemon (click here) 

Also available in Pure Unscented, Lavender & Tea Tree, Lemon & Rosemary and the the beautiful Jasmine & Rose. 

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World Ocean Day June 2020


Today is #WorldOceanDay! 🌊 and we want to send a big thank you to all our wonderful Earth Conscious customers who have helped to contribute a whopping £20,000 through donations to the Marine Conservation Society here in the UK.

The Marine Conservation Society works hard to protect our seas, shores, and wildlife and we are delighted to be able to play a small part in helping them carry out such important work.

What's more that's £20k SO FAR. For every one of our natural, plastic-free deodorants sold and of course our Baby Balm we will continue to donate 10p to them. It really does add up! Giving back and doing what we can is important to us, it's part of what we can do together to make a difference.

Of course, if you want to discover how else you might help you can check out their website, maybe even get prepared for this year's Plastic Free July challenge?

To round off with some vitamin sea from this beautiful beach we are so lucky to enjoy here on the Isle of Wight. This one was taken just a week ago in Sandown when our family managed to fit in some much needed Beach Therapy. We were the only ones on that particular stretch of beach, weird I know but hey it's Covid-19. BC of course there would be many more people out enjoying the space. Oh and spot the ships in the video, I would imagine 3 or 4 miles out to sea, anchored and waiting to return to some kind of new normal.





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Finally, I found the time to read my copy of the MCSUK winter 2017 edition magazine and it leaves me feeling inspired to do more to raise awareness concerning the issues surrounding litter and plastic pollution of our seas.

Alongside colourful photography and stories of sea life, the MCS have included the results from their Great British Beach Clean 2017. Plastic and Polystyrene pieces were the top most found items. In second place, packets such as crisps and sandwich packets. The list goes on to include Glass, Cigarette Stubs, Caps & Lids, String, Cord, Wet Wipes, Cotton Bud Sticks, Fishing Line, Cutlery, Trays & Straws.

The way in which we humans consume is clearly showing up in our oceans and on our shores. Grabbing items on the go, purchasing cheap and more frequently all equates to a disposable lifestyle which creates excessive waste and pollution. Single use items are often used and disposed of within minutes and even seconds without thought as to what happens next. We need to re-look at the way we live and we need to start valuing and caring for our possessions giving consideration to the impact of our overall consumption.


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