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Award Winning Natural Deodorant

Earth Conscious has been making tried and tested Natural Deodorants since 2014. Our Sustainable Natural Deodorants are made with only 100% Natural Ingredients, and certified organic ingredients where possible. They are Vegan Friendly and of course cruelty free, paraben free and aluminium free.


We like to walk the walk with our brand ethics too, our product is purposeful, over wasteful. It provides no threat to marine or plant life. Plus our packaging is plastic free, lightweight and recyclable. Each product is designed with minimal waste in mind, to be long lasting using.

In the early days we entered awards. It's a good way of getting exposure for a small business. We haven't entered anything in years, but we like to remind ourselves of the awards we won and how far we have come.
Our First Award came in 2016 as a total surprise.
Best Deodorant in the Biteable Beauty Awards.
Best Natural Deodorant Award


Also in 2016, we entered the Green Parent Magazine's Awards and won
GOLD for the Best Deodorant category. 


Award Winning Best Natural Deodorant
We entered again in 2017 and we won
BEST BUY for our Natural Deodorant but we also won
SILVER for our Natural Baby Balm

Award Winning Natural DeodorantNatural Baby Balm Award Winning 
Then came the SILVER award in the Free From Skincare Awards presented at the Love Natural Love You Show. We remember being particularly thrilled about this one as GOLD had gone to the spectacular Neals Yard Remedies, a long established brand. We figured to sit behind them was an achievement in itself!
Free From Skincare Award Winning Deodorant



Finally and the last time we entered any awards we won
GOLD in the Janey Loves Platinum Awards.
Award Winning Best Natural Deodorant



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Earth Conscious Baby Balm - Natural ,Gentle & Fairtrade Certified

Earth Conscious Baby Balm - Natural ,Gentle & Fairtrade Certified

The Earth Conscious baby balm, originally created to help keep your baby's skin soft and hydrated.

Not just for Babies

It works well as nappy balm or for general dry skin patches on your baby but in truth it's a great all-rounder for Mums and Dads too! Customers are using it for their own dry skin whether that be their hands or their legs after shaving. We've even had several customers tell us it's perfect as a Tattoo Balm!  It works well in the summer months when skin can be sun-damaged and just as well in the cooler winter months when weather and central heating dries us out. 


Certified Fairtrade Baby Balm

Fairtrade Certified Baby Balm

We use only Organic Fairtrade Coconut Oil and Organic Fairtrade Shea Butter in the Baby Balm so it is now officially recognised and certified as a Fairtrade product alongside our Bare Bar Deodorant Range.

By choosing Fairtrade certified coconut oil and Shea Butter, together we participate in making sure that farmers get a fair price and support to invest in community projects such as developing new farming techniques, clean water or educational programmes. 

Natural Organic Ingredients - Fragrance Free

Each ingredient works towards keeping skin soft and moisturised and of course it's fragrance free.

The Fairtrade Organic Coconut Oil melts easily into skin making it great for dry, itchy or sensitive skin and our Fairtrade Organic Shea Butter helps retain moisture and elasticity. Not forgetting Organic Apricot Kernel Oil acting as an all round emollient ideal for use on inflamed skin and acting fast to soothe irritation.

Plastic Free Packaging 

As with all the Earth Conscious products, our Baby Balm is of course plastic free. Packaged in a small easy to pack recyclable tin, you can carry it around wherever you go. Keep in your nappy bag, your handbag or your pocket!


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