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Marine Conservation Society Plastic Challenge 2016

Marine Conservation Society Plastic Challenge 2016

Day one of the Plastic Free Challenge for us here at Earth Conscious HQ. Actually the MCS Plastic Challenge is for the whole of June but we have decided to give it our best shot for the week commencing today 5th June. We are supporting the MCS with donations from sales of our Natural Deodorant on an ongoing basis but for the month of June we are doubling those donations.

Natural Deodorant Turtle

Here’s our thoughts on the challenge so far.


I decided to start the challenge with a visit to our nearest Co-op followed by Asda to see what they could offer us. With three of my children to help spot, we came away with lemons, spring onions, a white onion and a pineapple. To add to our success some tinned food, a packet of bread mix and a glass bottle of Belvoir Cordial. We can manage on water no problem but the children like a fruit juice in the morning and of course these all come in tetra paks (which contain a certain amount of plastic) so cordial will have to be the substitute. I do have a nutribullet so smoothies are still possible assuming I can buy the fruit and veg unpackaged! Searching the pasta, rice and cereal aisles and there wasn’t a single product we could purchase that was entirely plastic free so we didn’t.  We still have food in the cupboards and fridge that compromise the plastic free ideal but I’m not prepared to waste food so they have been consumed today amongst the plastic free items. The challenge for me is not to buy anything packaged in plastic during this week which is going to get harder as from tomorrow day 2. On the plus side, we do have radish picked fresh from the garden and the Linda McCartney Vegetarian Sausages in the freezer were only packaged in cardboard.

Bunch of Radish


Today was a bit easier for me than I think the other days will be as my children were not with me! Tap water has been easily available in a glass so no drinks problems. Food wise I ate out at lunch time, maybe that’s a cheat as I’m sure the cafe wasn’t plastic free but nothing come to me in plastic that’s for sure. I’m beginning to think again about bread and I’m going to need to get some baking done as plastic free bread seems impossible. I’ve a bar of soap so have shoved my shower gel into the cupboard for now. Shampoo, luckily my hair doesn’t need washing too often and not today but I’m not entirely sure how to get around that one yet. My hair is thick and needs a bit of lather. Hmm…it’s supposed to be a challenge and it feels like one!

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