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Tips for Switching to a Natural Deodorant

Tips for Switching to a Natural Deodorant

Earth Conscious deodorant contains totally natural ingredients. Here are our Top Tips to help you get the best out of your Aluminium Free Natural Deodorant Balm.

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Waterless Natural Deodorants & Skincare Products

Waterless Natural Deodorants & Skincare Products

We understand how precious a resource water is, which is why here at Earth Conscious, we choose to make Waterless Natural Deodorants and Skincare Products.

Water is our life source. Humans are 60% made of the stuff. It covers two-thirds of our planet and that's about 326 million trillion gallons of water! 

It's vital. It's essential for everything; Eco Systems, Humans, Animals, Plants, Food...

However, only 3% of our planet's water is fresh water and two-thirds of that is frozen in glaciers and icecaps or unavailable for our use. Although the quantity of water on our planet remains the same and there is enough to meet needs, not everyone has access to clean and safe fresh water in the same way we do here in the UK for example. By 2025, two-thirds of the world’s population may face water shortages

What is Waterless Skincare?

Anhydrous or Waterless Skincare essentially means without water. 

All of our Earth Conscious Natural Deodorants & skincare products are anhydrous. We formulate without water as an extra ingredient. We use instead natural organic butters and nourishing oils as the core ingredients which also reduces the impact on the water cycle when washed away. They also require less packaging so whilst our products may be small and compact they are packed full of effective ingredients and will last a customer a very long time.

Waterless Natural Deodorant

Meanwhile, cosmetics and skincare products that contain fresh water will be shown as Aqua on their labelling and with many beauty creams and lotions containing 70-80% fresh water this will be the first ingredient you see on the label. Water is basically considered a filler ingredient which may result in larger volume products but also means you may be getting less of the active ingredients. These products may also require larger amounts of packaging suitable for the type of products they are. 

Is Waterless Skincare Good For The Planet?

For starters, Skincare that saves on Water by not using it seems like a no brainer.

Waterless skincare products often need less packaging too. In fact, some products do not need any packaging other than the cosmetic labelling information which is a requirement to comply with Cosmetic Regulations. 

Water-free skincare products do not need to rely on plastic packaging which also helps minimise plastic pollution.

Less packaging means they are easier to transport or travel with. Less space, less weight equals a smaller carbon footprint. 

Other Benefits of Waterless Skincare

Anhydrous Skincare products do not require the added preservatives necessary for water based products as the potential for bacteria growth is reduced.

Waterless Skincare in its many concentrated formats tend to last longer meaning going green with your skincare not only saves Water but can save you money too!


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Why choose Natural Organic Skincare Products?

When you choose natural organic skincare you are choosing products that are kinder to your body and the wider environment because the ingredients that make up your skincare (plant derived and other naturally occurring ingredients) will have been produced to the highest possible standards without the use of pesticides, herbicides and synthetic fertilisers.

Often Natural Skincare Brands have animals, people and the planet in mind so they will be not only thinking of organic ingredients but will be ensuring products are also cruelty free or Fairtrade certified for example. 

Natural Organic Skincare works with your body not against it.

The ingredients are nutrient rich and let’s not forget our bodies absorb nutrients through our skin not only through our food. What is absorbed through your skin absorbs into your bloodstream and is carried through your body so it is important to be careful about the products you use on your skin. Avoiding chemicals and synthetics is a good idea.

Earth Conscious Natural Organic Skincare

We are known for our Natural Organic Deodorant range but all of our products use only natural ingredients and as many of those as possible will be certified organic ingredients. Not all ingredients are classed as organic for example, Sodium Bicarbonate and some ingredients are simply not available to source as Organic but wherever possible we actively choose Organic ingredients.


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Earth Day Every Day

Earth Day Every Day

Earth Day is an environmental movement that takes place on the 22nd April every year since the movement began in 1970. You can find out more about the history and the organisation over at Earth Day

Earth Day can be Every Day if we are being mindful of our actions, making green and ethical choices when and where we are able, even the smallest of choices can count. There is no perfect way to do this, it's just doing the stuff that we can do and each person and every household may be able to do different things.

Small Steps Count

Pure Unscented Natural Deodorant

Aside of making and using our plastic-free natural deodorants, here are some of the things that the Earth Conscious household do. 

use reusable water bottles and coffee mugs

use reusable period pants (4 women in our household)

we mend and fix items wherever possible before replacing

we try to minimise food waste

we buy refillable cleaning products from a local supplier

buy local wherever possible

buy from small business

buy organic produce (not always but for somethings like peanut butter which is also palm oil free and made in the UK)

buy glass or cardboard packaged products (again not always but for some items, think ketchup!)

buy Fairtrade chocolate & coffee

buy unpackaged fruit & vegetables when the choice is available to us

Marking the Earth Day Occasion

Over the year's Earth Conscious has chosen to support various charities. For a few years we have chosen #standfortrees. This Year we donated to to help protect the Bonobos in Mai Ndombe. 


Earth Day 2022 Stand For Trees

Previously we selected the Rimba Raya Orangutan Reserve in Indonesia. When our youngest twins were younger they absolutely loved Orangutan (obviously we all still do) but it was an easy choice to make from the selection of forests.


Stand For Trees

Rimba Raya is home to over 300 species of birds, 122 species of mammals, and 180 species of trees. It helps to protect local species including the Bornean Orangutan, clouded leopard, gibbon, proboscis monkey and Asian sun bear. It helps to improve access to clean water for local communities who protect the forest. And, it supports rehabilitation & environmental education programs — including the Orangutan Foundation International Program

The Marine Conservation Society

Every single day Earth Conscious supports The Marine Conservation Society, a charity protecting our seas, shores and wildlife. We donate 10p from every product sold. 
Ocean Friendly Natural Deodorant

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Natural Deodorant Reviews UK

Natural Deodorant Reviews UK

Considering making the switch from an antiperspirant to a more natural deodorant alternative? Here at Earth Conscious HQ we like to collect customer reviews of our Natural Deodorant products. Not only does it help us ensure we are providing our customers with quality products and great service but it helps anyone wishing to make the switch answer any questions they may have. For more head over to our website.

UK Natural Deodorant Reviews

Our products are made in the UK on the beautiful Isle of Wight so we've added in some scenery - we hope you enjoy some of the photographic views whilst reading some of our UK Natural Deodorant Reviews!

Natural Deodorant Review UK


Earth Conscious Natural Deodorants are made with only 100% natural ingredients that are also organic wherever possible and applicable. The ingredients are incredibly effective against body odour whilst being gentle on your skin.

 UK Natural Deodorant Reviews

 We use only sustainable packaging. Always plastic-free and either recyclable, reusable or biodegradable. Cardboard will home compost too!

natural deodorant review


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Why Choose a Natural Organic Deodorant?

Why Choose a Natural Organic Deodorant?

Choosing a Natural Organic Deodorant is a chance to protect not only our bodies but the environment too. By choosing Organic, we are working with nature, not against it. There will be fewer pesticides used for farming organic ingredients which help protect wildlife such as the birds & the bees.


Natural Organic Deodorant

Deodorants are absorbed into the skin really easily so we feel that using high quality, natural & organic ingredients is a safer alternative and a must for health too. It's just as important to consider what you put on to your body as what you do into it.

Earth Conscious Natural Deodorant will work with your body not against it. 

We source the majority of our ingredients for our natural deodorant as organic. We seek out certified organic by the Soil Association where sourceable. The antibacterial and antifungal properties of our natural ingredients will eliminate body odour without preventing your body from performing it's natural processes. We wouldn't want to encourage you to block sweat. Perspiration serves to release toxins as well as keep the body cool.

The benefits of using organic ingredients go on and on.

Not only do we believe our health is safer in the hands of a natural organic deodorant but  the environment is safer too.

When the Earth Conscious Natural Organic Deodorant is washed away, the organic ingredients pose no threat to the earth and we can be sure that it's not harming the water around us. Marine Life can be negatively affected by many ingredients found in deodorant and other body products. This can affect the whole environment going up the food chain.

The Soil Association

The Soil Association is the UK’s most recognised authority for organic certification so we trust their authority. Not only do they regulate the chemicals and toxins used to grow organic products, they also promote general good practice in maintaining the soil and earth that we all depend on. On top of that they have strict ethical policies so we can be sure that our organic ingredients are produced without cruelty too.

We can have confidence in the way the ingredients are grown and sourced as being a good choice for the environment and better for nature.  For example, the earth will have been protected against excess crop spraying and toxins and these are really important principles to us as a brand.

Switching to a Natural Organic Deodorant is one way you can start to make a difference.



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Lets Talk Natural and Plastic Free Skincare & Deodorants

Lets Talk Natural and Plastic Free Skincare & Deodorants

Earth Conscious has always been a plastic free brand and our Sustainable Natural Deodorant products are natural and organic. That’s 100% natural. We do not use synthetic fragrances. When we say the product is a 100% natural deodorant, it really is. The natural organic ingredients are kind to your skin and the environment so it’s a total win win all round.

Sustainable Natural Deodorant

In terms of our product packaging, our Natural Deodorant comes to you in a sleek recyclable tin, a recyclable biodegradable or compostable cardboard tube or an essentially naked Bar which like to call the Bare Bar. If posted directly from us it will arrive in a Jiffy Green bag - so that’s no plastic bubble wrap sneakily hidden inside the walls of those postal envelopes.

Plastic Free Natural Deodorant

It is important to us to stick to our plastic free commitment and my goodness that has proved challenging at times.

We considered glass as a potential product packaging but of course there are obvious smashing issues and given our Natural Deodorant makes for a fabulous travel deodorant, we decided glass was not suitable.

Plastic applicators would be an easy option but we pledged from the go get not to go down that route. We have considered recycled plastic that could even be refillable but ultimately that still ends up as part of the micro-plastic pollution problem. Its great to avoid single-use plastic or minimise it's use but we prefer to keep it simple and remain at totally plastic-free natural deodorant.

Plastic Free Natural deodorant

Aside of the plastic-free side of things, we also ensure that Earth Conscious products are long lasting meaning that customers save money by making the switch and therefore need less. Over consumption an excessive waste is a big consideration for our brand. We only make products with purpose.  

Natural Plastic Free Deodorant

We do the best we can with the choices available to us. We choose Fairtrade Coconut Oil and carry the Certified Fairtrade Logo on many of our products. This helps support the farmers in the supply chain. 

We are against Animal Testing and are endorsed Cruelty Free as part of the Leaping Bunny Programme. Our products are approved Vegan Friendly by the Vegetarian Society.

Lastly, but most proudly we are long time supporters of the Marine Conservation Society, a charity who protects our seas, shores and wildlife. We give 10p from every single product sold. We are all in it together.

Plastic Free Oceans


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Best Value for Money Natural Deodorant - It's ALL GOOD news!

Best Value for Money Natural Deodorant - It's ALL GOOD news!

Earth Conscious prides itself on being ALL GOOD. That means we try to do the best we can do as a brand. This includes ensuring that our products not only use ethically sourced natural, organic ingredients but they are designed with very minimal waste at the end of their life span - there is little left and nothing to end up as micro plastics in the environment.

Creating The Best Value for Money Natural Deodorants That We Can

We also know the importance of creating value for money for our customers. How else can people make the switch from conventional antiperspirants that cost maybe a couple of pounds to a natural deodorant product that often costs much more.

The ALL GOOD news 

Our Natural Deodorants are long lasting and really don't cost the Earth. We asked Ali at Incredibusy to monitor her Bare Bar usage #swipetracker and in case you don't have time to watch the very short video, here's the spoiler....

Her Earth Conscious 90g Bare Bar Natural Deodorant has been used for 3 months so far with still at least half of the product left. Meaning potentially one Bare Bar will last you half a year! And we estimate that to cost 0.05p per day! We think that's the best value for money you'll find.

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What Packaging is Best for the Environment?

What Packaging is Best for the Environment?

As you may know, packaging is a big deal to us. We make the best possible decision with all the resources we have available to ensure that we are making minimal impact with our packaging choices.

Facts about some materials:

  • Plastic is made from oil and gas drilled from the earth's crust. It has to be drilled out from a deep level and this process has a major environmental impact.
  • Plastic doesn’t decompose. It can only usually be recycled a few times.
  • Aluminum is infinitely recyclable with no loss of material or quality.
  • Metals are elements and are permanently available
  • Glass is also infinitely recyclable. However, it is heavier to transport and takes up a lot more space due to having to be packaged more.
  • Cardboard is light and easy to transport. It does have a limit to how many times it can be recycled. It will naturally decompose into the earth after that time is up.
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Natural Deodorant for Men

Natural Deodorant for Men

Why should men use natural deodorant? Where can you find natural deodorant for men? Look no further for the answers than our latest blog. Earth Conscious has the answers to all your questions.

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Earth Conscious Naturally ALL GOOD Brand Update

Earth Conscious Naturally ALL GOOD Brand Update

Here I am outside the Earth Conscious premises located on the beautiful Isle of Wight in Cowes where we make our Natural Deodorants.
 Bear in mind, Earth Conscious started at home in 2014 and we have moved production units 3 times, grasping more necessary space as we grow! 

Earth Conscious set out with good intentions as a plastic-free naturally ALL GOOD brand. Earth Conscious means to spread awareness and to give consideration for our world and all that reside here and we define ALL GOOD as doing the best we can do at the given time with what is available to us - we continue to do more as the brand grows. You can’t be everything to everyone at all times but our core values are always there. 

Ocean Friendly 100% Natural Ingredients

Initially our focus was on highly effective yet simple Natural Ingredients that pose no threat to the environment when washed away. These natural deodorant ingredients were also Certified Organic wherever possible and this remains true today.  We wanted our customers to be able to easily understand what they were using on their skin.

We also decided that our natural deodorant products not only had to be highly effective at the job in hand but they had to be long lasting, affordable and accessible to everyone, not just those with disposable income. On average we would expect a customer to get 3 months use from a single deodorant but we have had customers say they get 5 or 6 months from an Earth Conscious Natural Deodorant Stick. More recently we ran a test with the results being 6 months use expected from one of our essentially naked Bare Bar natural deodorants! £0.05p per daily use we feel is excellent value for money for our customers.

Plastic-Free Packaging

Also key was packaging. No point packaging a thoughtful product into plastic or wasteful packaging just to make it look pretty on the shelf. Products have to be authentic to the core values of our brand with genuine functionality. No over design, no over-packaging and no waste elements ending up in landfill or as micro-plastics should a customer wish to change products for example.  We opted for recyclable tins and cardboard tubes. Nothing to break, nothing to fail, just get the job done well and leave no trace.

Eco Friendly Natural Deodorant Packaging

Cruelty Free & Vegan Friendly

We then decided to only use plant based ingredients to enable our products to be friendly for the Vegan community. We are Vegan approved by The Vegetarian Society. We have always been against animal testing and our products are cruelty-free. We are endorsed by the Leaping Bunny programme.

Leaping Bunny Cruelty Free Deodorant


Marine Conservation Society - Giving Back

Giving back is something we are proud to do and since 2016 we have supported the Marine Conservation Society, a UK based charity protecting our seas, shores and wildlife. We donate 10p from every product sold and thus far have contributed over £34.5k. 

Marine Conservation Society

Fairtrade Certified Natural Deodorant

Aside of sourcing ingredients and materials from ethical suppliers, as we’ve grown we now only purchase Fairtrade Organic Coconut Oil which helps ensure the supply chain is good too so not only are farmers receiving a fair price we are also supporting the endeavors of Fairtrade by being Fairtrade Certified on the products that carry their logo.

Fairtrade Natural Deodorant

Earth Conscious in the Future

With the growth of the Earth Conscious brand we have been able to introduce the essentially naked Bare Bar range of deodorants, a Delicate Range of Deodorants, a Baby Balm and a Moisturising Body Bar yet there is much more we would like to create with our Earth Conscious customers in mind. 

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Eco Friendly Natural Deodorant

Eco Friendly Natural Deodorant

What makes a product Eco Friendly?

By definition, Eco Friendly means without harm to the environment so when creating the Earth Conscious natural deodorant products and indeed all of our products there are various considerations to make. 

100% Natural Ingredients

The ingredients used in our Earth Conscious deodorant are 100% natural. The ingredients are not harmful to our bodies nor are they are harmful to wildlife, marine life, or the environment at large.

Eco-Friendly Packaging

There is more to being Eco-Friendly than just the product itself. Product packaging is a huge part. Here at Earth Conscious, we do not compromise on our packaging and we do not use plastic.

Why We do not use Glass

For example, we could have considered using glass jars but the lid would also have to be plastic-free which is not a problem, however, we also need to look at the weight of our product. As well as being obviously more fragile, glass is heavier and more difficult to pack so using our tin or cardboard tube means we have a more functional and practical product whilst minimising the transport and packaging footprint.


Eco Friendly Deodorant Tins

Why We are Not a Refillable Natural Deodorant

We have also given great consideration to a refillable natural deodorant option but felt unless the case packaging was completely plastic-free or readily recyclable or home compostable it just added to the overall impact by complicating matters. We would need to be certain that a case made from bio-plastics, for example, was definitely readily recyclable kerbside in the UK or that it could be home compostable. Right now we don't believe that to be the case.  

Over engineering design thus creating extra waste through packaging is not something as an Earth Conscious Brand we can get on board with. Our products are small, lightweight and compact. They behave as applicator and refill all-in-one. Nothing to resend out every month because the products are designed to last. In fact just recently we discovered that our Bare Bar Range of Deodorants are likely to last 6 months! Now that's Value for Money too!

The packaging dilemma doesn’t stop there.

To continue on with our Earth Conscious eco-friendly ethics which are “to do the best we can with what we have available to us”, we do not use plastic postal packaging either. Your deodorant will arrive in Jiffy Green Bags. Larger orders are despatched in cardboard boxes with totally natural eco-friendly filling packaging - not a bubble wrap or polystyrene bean in sight!


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