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Earth Conscious Baby Balm - Natural ,Gentle & Fairtrade Certified

Earth Conscious Baby Balm - Natural ,Gentle & Fairtrade Certified

The Earth Conscious baby balm, originally created to help keep your baby's skin soft and hydrated.

Not just for Babies

It works well as nappy balm or for general dry skin patches on your baby but in truth it's a great all-rounder for Mums and Dads too! Customers are using it for their own dry skin whether that be their hands or their legs after shaving. We've even had several customers tell us it's perfect as a Tattoo Balm!  It works well in the summer months when skin can be sun-damaged and just as well in the cooler winter months when weather and central heating dries us out. 

Certified Fairtrade Baby Balm

Fairtrade Certified Baby Balm

We use only Organic Fairtrade Coconut Oil and Organic Fairtrade Shea Butter in the Baby Balm so it is now officially recognised and certified as a Fairtrade product alongside our Bare Bar Deodorant Range.

By choosing Fairtrade certified coconut oil and Shea Butter, together we participate in making sure that farmers get a fair price and support to invest in community projects such as developing new farming techniques, clean water or educational programmes. 

Natural Organic Ingredients - Fragrance Free

Each ingredient works towards keeping skin soft and moisturised and of course it's fragrance free.

The Fairtrade Organic Coconut Oil melts easily into skin making it great for dry, itchy or sensitive skin and our Fairtrade Organic Shea Butter helps retain moisture and elasticity. Not forgetting Organic Apricot Kernel Oil acting as an all round emollient ideal for use on inflamed skin and acting fast to soothe irritation.

Plastic Free Packaging 

As with all the Earth Conscious products, our Baby Balm is of course plastic free. Packaged in a small easy to pack recyclable tin, you can carry it around wherever you go. Keep in your nappy bag, your handbag or your pocket!

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Earth Conscious Moisturising Body Bar

Earth Conscious Moisturising Body Bar

We are so very excited to announce the release of the Earth Conscious Moisturising Body Bar! We know we are renowned for our Natural Deodorant Range so it's great to finally bring out another plastic free natural product to sit alongside our Baby Balm in the non-deodorant category! 

What is the Body Bar?

The same ergonomic shape as the Bare Bar Deodorant and the same compact sized recyclable cardboard box, however, it's not a deodorant! Curved and easy to hold, the Body Bar will glide across the skin moisturising as it goes. 


A little bit of Luxury goes a long way

The solid moisturising body bar is handmade here on the Isle of Wight. We have chosen a blend of high quality organic cold pressed oils full of antioxidants, essential fatty acids and rich in Vitamin C and A to take care of your skin. Each bar will give around 80g of product and as always, a little goes a long way.

It Smells Divine. 

The pure strong chocolate aroma that comes from the cocoa butter makes hand producing this bar quite the task for anyone who cannot resist chocolate, it really does make the mouth water! The final product still gives a hint of the mouth watering cocoa butter but with the refreshing fruity lemon tones of May Chang.


It's Great For

It's a lovely treat and works particularly well on freshly showered damp skin. Great for peri-menopause / menopause dry itchy skin, after shaving body hair helping to lubricate and nourish skin. Use on elbows, feet, hands, all over.


Refillable Storage Tin

Available separately we have a refillable tin just the perfect fit for your Body Bar or your Bare Bar should you feel like you need extra storage or something to travel with.


The usual Earth Conscious Ethics and credentials remain in place. All of our products are Cruelty Free, Vegan Friendly, Plastic Free and Recyclable. They are all handmade using quality ingredients, organic wherever possible which is mostly all of them and even Fairtrade where applicable too. Each product is designed from the less is more ethos. We keep it simple, nothing that is not necessary!

And of course, 10p from the sale of every Bar goes to our long term charity of choice in the UK, Marine Conservation Society for the protection of our seas, shores, and wildlife.

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Earth Conscious raising money for Marine Conservation Society

Earth Conscious raising money for Marine Conservation Society

Why do Earth Conscious support the Marine Conservation Society charity?

Introduction by Earth Conscious' founder, Angela Manton, followed by thoughts from Sanjay Mitra, Corporate Partnerships Manager at the Marine Conservation Society:

Earth Conscious have been raising money for the Marine Conservation Society (MCS) since 2016. With our customers' help, we have been donating 10p from every purchase to the MCS, the UK’s leading marine charity - Fighting for seas full of life, where nature flourishes and people thrive! 🌊  Since 2020 alone Earth Conscious have raised over £18k for the charity.

Our oceans are an essential part of the Earth's Eco System from which we all rely upon. We know this.  For as long as I can remember, even when not residing and working close to the sea here on the Isle of Wight (which we are so appreciative for), there is nothing quite like a holiday or a trip to the coast. It brings so much joy and wellness and its where memories are made, not to mention being a home for marine life and wildlife!

It makes absolute sense for us to play our small part in supporting a sea protecting charity. It's such an easy way to give back and we believe our customers welcome the opportunity just as much as we do.

Guest post from Sanjay Mitra, Corporate Partnerships Manager at the Marine Conservation Society:

"There’s much more to do to ensure our bit of the ocean recovers. The long-term support from Earth Conscious keeps us optimistic about the future."

It’s been a busy year for the charity. We had a brilliant one leading into 2020 where engagement with our marine conservation programmes was at a high. We’ve seen the introduction of bans on some single-use plastics, with the prospect nationwide deposit return schemes to be introduced, and successfully campaigned for the allocation of even more protected areas for our seas around the country. But then we know what happened next...

Save Our Seagrass

The backdrop of Covid-19 has made for a difficult year to say the least. We haven’t been able to get out there on our coastline engaging with communities. Part of our Save Our Seagrass project have been delayed. However, thanks to the amazing ongoing support of companies like Earth Conscious, we have been able to adapt the way we work, engage the public and continue our marine conservation programmes.

Beach Clean

Our largest event of the year, the Great British Beach Clean, attracted over 400 small, Covid-safe events providing us with all-important litter data. We increased our online presence with our Cool Seas education webinars so we could continue to support teachers and home-schoolers through the lockdowns.

We continue to call for bans of ‘forever chemicals’ such as PFAS in all sorts of products including personal care products, which highlights the importance of having ocean-friendly products like Earth Conscious on the market.

Looking ahead, this decade’s focus must and will be on our climate emergency. A healthy and protected marine environment plays a pivotal role and the Marine Conservation Society will be leading from the front, not least with our presence at COP26 in November 2021.

There’s much more to do to ensure our bit of the ocean recovers. The long-term support from Earth Conscious keeps us optimistic about the future. 

10p from the sale of this deodorant goes to the Marine Conservation Society, the UK charity for the protection of our seas, shores and wildlife. Shop HERE


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Fairtrade Natural Deodorant has arrived!

Fairtrade Natural Deodorant has arrived!

The Earth Conscious Bare Bar deodorant range, made on the Isle of Wight, uses Fairtrade Organic Coconut Oil in its recipe and is therefore officially recognised and certified as a Fairtrade deodorant product.
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Changing Habits - Anyone ditched the Antiperspirant?

Changing Habits - Anyone ditched the Antiperspirant?

Angela Manton founder of Earth Conscious Isle of Wight

We've been reading reports lately of the changing habits in the UK - There's rumours that people are ditching the anti-perspirant, and trying alternative, more sustainable, natural solutions? Lockdown may have changed some of our personal daily routines as we discover we need less of some of the things we would normally rely on. Deodorant is an example, have you been applying less as you are less active?  Are we wearing our clothes for more than one day and washing them less? Are we showering and bathing less with the lack of need to get dressed up to go out, socialising, or into the office, usual place of work? 

Angela, founder of Earth Conscious writes:

As a natural deodorant brand owner, coupled with my confidence of someone who hasn’t worn a spray or roll-on of antiperspirant in many years, Lockdown hasn’t personally changed my deodorant wearing habits. Years of experience using our natural deodorant means I am generally down to as minimal application as possible. One pea-sized application every 24 hours regardless of whether I’ve taken a shower or not, does the job. Honestly, I may even forget (or don’t bother) to apply which is really not a great advertisement for a deodorant brand owner but this seems par for the course as you move away from those rituals of spraying! Less is more.

Bare Bare Unpackaged Deodorant

However, sweat happens!

I find it happens less if I’m wearing loose cotton clothing opposed to synthetic fleeces/sportswear. It happens more through exercise and the odd hot day in the UK. But in general it happens far less than it ever did when I was a girl about town in a shirt and jacket choosing the choking spray.

Ditching the antiperspirant is possible but we still need to ensure our bodies are clean and fresh to help prevent build up of bacteria and therefore the need to over wash our clothes.

It's not the sweat that smells

It’s not the sweat that smells, it’s the bacteria on our skin (which will inevitably get on to our clothing) that smells. If we allow our clothes to get smelly (and they will the longer you leave them - think the smell of clothes in a laundry basket after a few days), we will need to wash them more frequently.

How much water is used in a single wash, what about the impact of the detergent or the energy used if we have to wash our clothes more frequently simply because we haven’t washed ourselves or used a product that will help minimise bacterial build up? Even washing just in our armpit area would help (there are over 300 types of bacteria in that area alone).

Wearing a deodorant that acts as an antibacterial will help. The natural ingredients have their own antibacterial and antifungal properties working to keep your armpits free from bacteria build up whilst smelling fresh at the same time. 

We asked Wendy Graham, one of our customers, how she'd been getting on since making the switch. Here's what she had to say:

Earth Conscious Customer Review

"As someone who loves anything active and works as a personal trainer, finding a natural vegan friendly deodorant that actually worked was super important! Earth Conscious ticks all the boxes and I rave about it to my friends, family and clients! 

Not only were no animals harmed in its production, it's aluminium free, paraban free and carcinogen free; it's easy to forget that the human body's largest organ is the skin, so it really matters what goes on it! All the ingredients here are natural yet still prevent body odour- believe me when I say I've tested it to its full potential! Plus no white marks on any of your clothing.

I also love that it’s super eco friendly too! All the packaging is recyclable and biodegradable, plus the best bit is it lasts ages!! My previous Earth Conscious stick lasted well over a year, whereas other brands, I had been replacing every few months, so it's very budget friendly too! 

When I said I've tested it to its full potential I meant it, my day is action-packed; A cycle commute, client sessions, teaching classes and my own training, but my pits still smell like a spearmint (my fave scent!!) When I get home! 10000% recommended!"

 A big thank you to Wendy (find Wendy over on instagram) and remember in your new-found confidence of ditching the antiperspirant , if you do forget and then get a reminder through smell, just grab for your Earth Conscious deodorant which will deodorise immediately until you can next make it to the shower!  

Angela Manton, founder of Earth Conscious.
SHOP here:
Follow us on social media, usual places: instagram, twitter and facebook.


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The Bare Bar - Earth Conscious gets Naked

The Bare Bar - Earth Conscious gets Naked

The Bare Bar is here at last!

You may have noticed that our coming soon sign for this new natural deodorant product has been sitting on our website for some time. We are now very excited to announce that after working on this product for so long, our (click here) Earth Conscious Bare Bar is here and we are so happy with it. 


Unpackaged Bare Bar - Natural deodorant

What is the Bare Bar?

It is a natural deodorant bar that is designed to have minimal packaging. It looks similar to a chunky bar of soap but feels like our Natural Deodorant Stick (although a little more solid). To use it, simply run it over your armpits and either rub it in or leave it to soak in for some minutes before you get dressed. The amazing active ingredients get to work on reducing the bacteria and fungus that are present in your underarms, thus stopping the odour from occurring. 

The ergonomic Bare Bar has been designed as a lovely shape to hold, it has a curve to it and this makes it really easy to glide across your armpit area. We are finding it so easy just to pick up and apply. It weighs a nice and chunky 90g so there is plenty of product to keep you going for a few months. 

Amazing ingredients

The Bare Bar contains the same high quality and natural ingredients as our other deodorant range. Our ingredients include skin softening Fairtrade coconut oil, shea butter, bicarbonate of soda and vitamin E oil, for extra nourishment. We ensure that our ingredients are always Soil Association certified organic where it is possible to source them as so. And of course, our fragrance is only ever essential oils, giving you a natural boost. 

Receiving the Bare Bar

We send your Bare Bar out to you wrapped in a small piece of paper wrap inside a simple box. The paper wrap is both recyclable and home compostable when you are finished with it and of course the cardboard box is recyclable too.


Less is More

The environment is always a key focus for our product range. We do not over-package, over-engineer or over-complicate. Keeping it simple and functional with good quality ingredients that get the job done! Less really is more. 

Minimal packaging is best for the planet so we have that covered, plus naturally, your deodorant will be posted to you in plastic-free, 100% recycled postage packaging. On top of this pledge, we also ensure our ingredients don’t pose any threat to marine life or the environment when they are washed away, and we continue to donate to the Marine Conservation Society with every product sold in support of their efforts for our seas. 

Earth Conscious Bare Bar Grapefruit and Lemon (click here) 

Also available in Pure Unscented, Lavender & Tea Tree, Lemon & Rosemary and the the beautiful Jasmine & Rose. 

 Shop the full range here

Share your successes with us over on Social Media here

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Planning a Plastic Free Picnic

Planning a Plastic Free Picnic

It's picnic season! To be honest, we have plastic free picnics all year around here on the Isle of Wight, just with a few more layers in the cooler months.

However, during the month of #PlasticFreeJuly, we are thinking more about sharing some plastic-free picnic ideas, and doubling our donations from 10p a purchase to 20p a purchase as the Marine Conservation Society folks ask us all to take the #PlasticChallenge.

Here at Earth Conscious, we have now donated more than £20,000 to the Marine Conservation Society, well, YOU our customers have with every purchase you make (click to shop here)

We know that with busy work and families, it can seem hard to make the switch to plastic-free, but we're here to reassure you that it is easier than you think!

As July sees us head into the summer holidays, we thought we'd talk about the great British picnic. Specifically how you can have a plastic-free picnic!

Plastic-Free Picnics - Re-usables

eco sandwich wrap

Most of us probably have a variety of re-usable bottles and cups. But what about other re-usables to help reduce our single use plastic? Wrapping sandwiches or other snacks can be achieved without clingfilm, if you opt for a reusable food wrap. We think Vegan food wraps are a great addition to your picnic kit. They are surprisingly simple to use (and make, if you've time), and are actually easier than fighting with the clingfilm roll when trying to make a packed lunch anyway.

Sandwich boxes to pack your picnic food, consider using the old ice cream tub or sweets tin, we think it's great to re-purpose something which would otherwise end up in landfill.

Think outside the (plastic) box

Supermarket 'Picnic food' seems to be packaged in huge amounts of single use plastic. Packed for "ease" with little regard for the waste created. So, can you enjoy these treats without the plastic? Save money and avoid waste by making your own treats. We are huge fans of baking a huge batch of easy Exceedingly Vegan sausage rolls, then freezing some ready to quickly prepare for packed lunches or a picnic. Remember, dips (thank you Rebel Recipes for this simple hummus recipe) are easy to make too, and accompanying crudités (that's chopped carrots to you and me) just need a couple of ice cubes packed with them to keep them fresh.

Plastic-Free Treats

Two Farmers compostable crisp packaging

Plastic-Free picnics do require a little planning. You may be short of time to bake your own treats - which is one of the easiest ways to save on plastic waste. So, do remember there are plastic-free family friendly snacks which you can purchase almost guilt free.

stoats snack bars
Stoats Flapjacks are wrapped in biodegradable NatureFlex film, which, like our deodorant sticks, you can add to your home composting. Two Farmers crisps, come in compostable packets or large 'family-sized' tins which can be reused (as picnic boxes!) or recycled. Keeping your picnic plastic-free when you're time limited.


Stay in the shade

Recycled plastic bottles picnic rug

If you are planning a plastic free picnic, and the sun is shining - stay in the shade!  We are lucky enough to live close to the beach here on the Isle of Wight, we pack a blanket (these picnic rugs from Weaver and Green are made from recycled plastic bottles) and take a beach umbrella with us, but if you are going 'big' how about 'borrowing' a gazebo from Library of Things.

Baby Balm

If however, you are unfortunate enough to suffer a little sunburn on your picnic, a generous layer of Earth Conscious Baby Balm will soothe the soreness and reduce the peeling.

Whatever you do, have fun - make the most of your time on this planet, and, it goes without saying, take your rubbish home with you :) 


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Earth Conscious Ingredient Spotlight - Organic Grapefruit Essential Oil

Earth Conscious Ingredient Spotlight - Organic Grapefruit Essential Oil

Gorgeous Grapefruit

In this second of our ingredient spotlights, we focus on gorgeous Grapefruit Essential Oil. This fresh and sweet oil combined with lemon oil is used as a key fragrance in our Natural Deodorant Balm and Stick. It is such an uplifting oil!

We use essential oils to fragrance our natural deodorant because we love their skin-nourishing abilities as well as their mind and body balancing properties. Plus they often have specific anti-fungal and antibacterial properties too, perfect for a natural deodorant. 

You can read about Organic Lavender Oil here.

Our Grapefruit Essential Oil is extracted from the peel of grapefruits, grown in the USA under strict organic conditions. The oil is certified by the Soil Association as being organic, so we can feel confident that we have an ingredient of top quality, grown under strict criteria that we trust. 

Grapefruits themselves are a fairly new food item, having been introduced to the USA in the 1800s from Jamaica. It is thought that they were the result of a hybrid between a pummelo (a large exotic citrus fruit) and an orange. Citrus Paradisi (grapefruit trees) reach large sizes of 4-6 metres or more. The grapefruits grow in clusters of 6 and are usually picked by hand, from ladders. Once the essential oil is extracted from the peel of the grapefruit, it is a pale to golden yellow colour and like all essential oils, extremely precious and potent. 

Grapefruit Essential Oil has many benefits to us humans when applied to the skin or when the scent is inhaled. In skin products, it is often used in cellulite treatment as it encourages detoxification through the lymphatic system. Which we feel makes it perfect for a deodorant too as detoxification is extremely important in the armpit area! Grapefruit Essential Oil has antibacterial and antimicrobial properties, which makes this fresh scent amazing for our underarms which harvests a multitude of bacteria and microbes. 

As for our state of mind, the scent of Grapefruit essential oil is useful for reducing stress, increasing energy, and enhancing our mood. It is also used to treat headaches and hangovers and to combat fatigue. It is an excellent way to get you going in the morning, and amazing to think of all those benefits from applying your deodorant! Grapefruit Oil can also be useful to burn in an oil burner. Try it in the afternoon to give you a boost and relieve that afternoon slump! Or, simply sniff your Grapefruit Deodorant!


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Eco travel with babies

Eco travel with babies

Can you travel with a baby or toddler and remain eco-friendly? 

At Earth Conscious, we are lucky enough to be located beside the sea, at the prettiest of UK 'holiday destinations' - the Isle of Wight.

This is where we make our organic plastic-free deodorants, and baby balms - and being by the seaside, we are proud to have donated more than £20,000 to the Marine Conservation Society - well, YOU our customers have, every purchase sees 10p donated, so thank you! (click to shop here

EDITED: to add, for the month of July 2020 we are DOUBLING that donation to 20p a purchase thank you!

We asked one of our customers, Vita, to help us pull together her top tips for eco travel with babies. As a fellow mother of four children, she's well placed to talk on this subject!

Vita writes:

Yes eco travel with babies is possible! With a little thought, and preparation you can be as green on holiday as you are at home. One of the first things to consider is where you are holidaying, and how you are travelling there, will you need to pack face-coverings if you are using public transport in the UK? Can you make the journey in a more carbon-neutral way? 

Consider a ‘staycation’

Perhaps by taking a train instead of flying, driving or taking a taxi? There are some fabulous UK eco-friendly destinations, including the amazing fforest in Wales, with breath-taking views, and a real sense of getting back to nature. A place to really relax, perfect for families. Or maybe family friendly glamping

Once you’ve decided on your destination, what next? Well, clearly, there’s the packing to do. Everyone’s favourite task, eco travel or otherwise!

Eco Staycation with babies

Photo by Max Goncharov on Unsplash

Packing the Five Baby Essentials

Packing even for a day out with a baby sometimes feels daunting, but write a list of essentials, and stick with it.

One of our (and I’m sure most other parents) travel essentials has always been baby wipes. 

Whether for nappy changes, or to keep hands and faces clean, wipes really are an essential item. However, many wet wipes are made using plastic and are responsible for fatbergs found in increasing numbers of sewer systems. We have switched to re-usable washable Cheeky Wipes, they are so easy to use and great for even the most delicate skin. Using reusable wet wipes when travelling couldn’t be easier. Cheeky Wipes kits come with an out-and-about waterproof bag which means you don’t need to carry the box everywhere with you. Perfect for day-trips, or in travel freshening up.

When we come to book our holidays, we always check that there are laundry washing facilities where we will be staying. We have been fortunate that the majority of campsites we’ve visited do have these facilities on site or nearby. This is also essential as we were always using reusable nappies on holiday, the joy of being in a hot climate on holiday is how quickly washable nappies dry on the line. I do suggest remembering to pack your own washing line - we have a compact line which lives with our ‘holiday things’. 

Our re-usable wipes get a hot wash once a week, and otherwise are just washed at 30c with the rest of the holiday washing. I don’t worry about drying them, as they are going to be used again quickly, so they often go straight back into the box or bag. 

If re-usable wipes are really not your thing there are plastic-free wet wipes available. For example Aqua Wipes and Natracare are compostable and biodegradable (but please don’t flush them). They’re also vegan friendly, and I think would be worth a look.

Eco travel with babies

Another great travel essential is Earth Conscious Baby Balm, this is great as a multi purpose balm. Use it at every nappy change to keep baby’s skin happy, but also great to soothe very dry skin - it could even be used as a heel balm while you’re travelling before you pop your feet into your sandals. It’s a totally natural vegan product, and packaged in a handy tin - great for travelling with an entirely plastic free natural deodorant in a cardboard tube!

And don't forget to pack some 'entertainment' for baby, a bag of toy animals, cars, and colouring crayons that you can produce when times get fractious. Again, these don't need to be new (to you) ebay, or friends' hand-me-downs hidden away for your travelling day are a brilliant idea!

Secondhand Baby Travel Items

One of the best ways to remain eco-friendly when you’re taking baby on holiday is to buy some of your essential baby items second-hand. Things like baby swim seats, or arm bands which are used for such a short time are great value to buy second-hand, meaning you are avoiding unnecessary waste. If you end up puncturing an inflatable, don’t forget you can send it off to the Wyatt & Jack inflatable amnesty, on the Isle of Wight, for Georgie to make it into something beautiful! 

There are lots of places to look for second-hand good quality items, remember to check local selling sites, charity shops and even NCT sales. 

Don’t be afraid to ask - A friend of mine wrote a ‘would like to have’ list in a local Facebook group. Very quickly she had sourced an almost new travel cot, swim nappies, entire summer wardrobe for her child, and a mosquito net too - result. 

I think perhaps the best way to be eco-friendly when travelling is no different to any other, take time to put in place a plan. A little organisation goes a long way, and remember small changes all add up.

Guest post by Vita, mother of four and writer at Dancing In My Wellies.

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Tips for Going Plastic Free July

Tips for Going Plastic Free July

The Marine Conservation Society's plastic free challenge is back for 2018 and runs for the whole of July.

We all know that we should be using less plastic. Plastic will still be around polluting our earth and seas for thousands of years. When it does breakdown it doesn’t disappear but turns into tiny particles that make their way up the food chain.

But, in this western world that we live in, going plastic free isn’t easy. I have found proof of this in previous years when participating in the MCS plastic challenge! So with that in mind, here’s some of the challenges I’ve come across over the last few years in this journey and ways around them I have worked on.

Firstly, remember that the MCS plastic free challenge isn’t about going completely plastic free for a whole month (unless you’re ready to take that on!), it’s about pledging to do what you can, making changes and especially avoiding single use plastics.  

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Earth Conscious Natural Deodorant Reviews

Earth Conscious Natural Deodorant Reviews


Here at Earth Conscious, we use the platform so that customers can openly leave reviews should they wish. It never fails to delight when people take the time to review and we often share this across our social media platforms.

Natural Deodorant Reviews

Here are just a few of our absolute latest reviews just in and an example of why we continue to make the Earth Conscious Natural Deodorant affordable and available so that everyone can make the choice to use a natural product that is better for your body and the environment.

I’ve been using natural deodorants for well over a year, since going plastic-free, but recently switched to Earth Conscious. Their deodorant is so good! The unscented one still has a nice hint of coconut, but just got the lemon and rosemary... WOW! Such a nice smell! Goes on so smoothly and does the job keeping things under control. I’ll be setting up a subscription when I order next. Highly recommended!
Without a doubt, the best deodorant I've ever used, and it's also eco-friendly and made within the UK. Total win!
Fantastic product, leaves you feeling and smelling fresh all day without aluminum!
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World Ocean Day June 2020


Today is #WorldOceanDay! 🌊 and we want to send a big thank you to all our wonderful Earth Conscious customers who have helped to contribute a whopping £20,000 through donations to the Marine Conservation Society here in the UK.

The Marine Conservation Society works hard to protect our seas, shores, and wildlife and we are delighted to be able to play a small part in helping them carry out such important work.

What's more that's £20k SO FAR. For every one of our natural, plastic-free deodorants sold and of course our Baby Balm we will continue to donate 10p to them. It really does add up! Giving back and doing what we can is important to us, it's part of what we can do together to make a difference.

Of course, if you want to discover how else you might help you can check out their website, maybe even get prepared for this year's Plastic Free July challenge?

To round off with some vitamin sea from this beautiful beach we are so lucky to enjoy here on the Isle of Wight. This one was taken just a week ago in Sandown when our family managed to fit in some much needed Beach Therapy. We were the only ones on that particular stretch of beach, weird I know but hey it's Covid-19. BC of course there would be many more people out enjoying the space. Oh and spot the ships in the video, I would imagine 3 or 4 miles out to sea, anchored and waiting to return to some kind of new normal.





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