Citrus Scented Deodorants - Fresh & Fruity!

Citrus-scented natural deodorants

A refreshing and invigorating way to stay fresh throughout the day. Infused with the bright and zesty fragrances of organic lemon oil & organic grapefruit oil, these deodorants provide a burst of energy and vitality while effectively combating odour.

The natural, plant-based ingredients in our citrus-scented natural deodorants not only help neturalise unwanted body odour but also provide gentle care for the skin. Their delightful aroma is a perfect choice for those who appreciate the crisp, clean scent of citrus while opting for a more environmentally conscious and chemical-free approach to personal hygiene.

Together organic Lemon & Grapefruit essential oils elevate the natural deodorant experience, providing a refreshing, zesty aroma while delivering effective long-lasting protection. 

Antimicrobial Properties: Organic Lemon oil & Organic Grapefruit oil possess natural antibacterial and antifungal properties, which help inhibit the growth of odour-causing bacteria.

Mood Enhancer: In aromatherapy, lemon essential oil is often used to reduce stress, anxiety, and fatigue. Its cheerful scent can help improve mental clarity and boost overall emotional well-being.

Why not try our Gorgeous Grapefruit & Lively Lemon or our Lively Lemon & Revitalising Rosemary both varieties available in Balm, Stick or Bare Bar application. All applications are packaged in 100% plastic-free packaging which is recyclable at kerbside.

Our Citrus Range is Vegan Friendly and Never Tested on Animals.

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GRAPEFRUIT & LEMON Natural Deodorant Balm - 60g
Grapefruit Lemon Fairtrade Deodorant Stick
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Lemon Rosemary Natural Deodorant Stick
Grapefruit Lemon Bare Bar natural Deodorant
Lemon Solid Natural Deodorant Bar
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