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We believe in being Fair. 

We know that natural beauty and skincare products that are truly natural can be expensive and we realise that this includes natural deodorants too. 

The Earth Conscious Natural Deodorant is affordably priced as products last a long time, often many months making them both very economical and ecological at the same time! We believe that better choices should be accessible to all.

Although several pounds cheaper than some natural deodorants, we do not compromise on quality or effectiveness! We use the best quality organic ingredients where applicable so rest assured you are getting high quality ingredients as well as a highly effective product.

Cruelty Free 

Here at Earth Conscious we do not use ingredients that are tested on animals
and we do not test our final products on animals either.  Our products are certified as cruelty free by PETA. 

Peta Cruelty Free Logo

Eco Friendly

By definition Eco Friendly means without harm to the environment.

Here at Earth Conscious we only use ingredients that are not harmful to wildlife, marine life or the environment at large.

We do not compromise on our packaging and we do not use plastic. Our tin is light and travels well and takes up minimal space during transit.

That's no plastic lids on glass jars or bottles.

That's no plastic atomisers and that's no plastic push up applicators.  

That's no poly bags or bubble wrap.

Despite these decisions being challenging for our brand we are not prepared to compromise.

We all still have high quality, affordable, natural, functional and practical products regardless! 

For Peace of Mind

Our products all have the relevant Cosmetic Product Safety Reports and our products are all labelled correctly. We keep our products simple so it is easy to see and understand the ingredients they are made from.

You can find us listed on the EWG Skin Deep Database showing as having the lowest hazard level score.

Organically Certified Ingredients

Our products are 100% natural using natural organic ingredients and where possible will be certified by the Soil Association.  


Our product packaging is plastic free and recyclable.

Our postal packaging is also plastic free. We use Jiffy Green padded envelopes which contain 100% recyclable paper fibre lining. Larger orders are sent in recyclable cardboard boxes and we use paper packing tape. Occasionally, we will recycle plant based packing beans that have arrived to us from our suppliers. These can be dissolved easily in water or reused again.


Palm Oil Free

We do not use Palm Oil in any of our products because we feel strongly about the destruction of our Rain Forests and the devastation it causes to many of its inhabitants.

Vegan Friendly 

Our Natural Deodorant Products and Baby Balm are all Vegan Approved.

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