Lets Talk About the Cost of Natural Skincare Products

Lets Talk About the Cost of Natural Skincare Products

Natural & organic skincare products will often cost more but maybe that's the reality of what these products should cost us. The cheaper alternatives that are not so good for us or the environment become many peoples normal which makes us believe that natural and organic or indeed Fairtrade options are expensive.

Small scale skincare production can be more costly especially labour intensive and time costly which results in higher prices - as a small business ourselves we understand this. There will be plenty more reasons of course.

Here at Earth Conscious we believe that natural and organic skincare products should be affordable and accessible to all. The more people that can afford to use them will do so, which will then have a bigger overall impact on health and our planet. Maybe that’s just too simplistic in the bigger picture but certainly when it comes to an easy switch on choosing a natural deodorant instead of a toxic deodorant, it makes sense.

Our range of Earth Conscious Natural Deodorants are priced between £7 and £9 and not only are they a healthy choice, they are an eco-friendly choice too. Win Win.

Now, you may think that £9 or even £7 for a deodorant is expensive compared to the £1 deodorant in the pound store (which is likely smaller sized anyway) or the £1 supermarket equivalent or the £2.50 branded roll on but the truth is, it isn’t.

Let us break the cost down

The £7 tin or stick will last you on average 3 months and sometimes much longer depending on individual use. The £9 Bare Bars with at least 90g of product will last even longer. Now of course there are more expensive options on the market but these then become a luxury item rather than a functional everyday staple. 

However, a functional staple item such as deodorant should still be a great experience to use which is why the we do not compromise on the quality of the ingredients. The Earth Conscious range of natural deodorants use only 100% natural ingredients that are certified soil association organic wherever possible making the natural deodorant experience a pleasurable one at affordable prices!

£7 divided by 30 days is just 23p per day (average 90 days of use = 7p per day!)

7p per day to keep you smelling fresh whilst minimally impacting the environment.

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