Natural Deodorant for Children & Teens

Natural Deodorant for Children & Teens

The teenage years is generally the time when deodorant is first needed and parents find themselves seeking out products that will help with their Teen’s body odour. However, some parents find themselves seeking out deodorant options for their children pre-teen age too.

The Earth Conscious Range of Aluminium Free Natural Deodorants are suitable for use on children age 9 plus. All of our products are safety tested to meet with the latest Cosmetic Regulations.

An aluminium free Natural Deodorant for Children or Teenagers is a good, safe and gentle option that will eliminate body odour without harming their health. Bodily changes and raging hormones are enough to deal with!

It’s important to remember that sweat does not smell but when mixed with bacteria it will cause the unpleasant body odour smell. Keeping clean and wearing fresh clothes will minimise the bacteria building up and you’ll find all you need is a natural deodorant. By starting out on the right foot you’ll not need to detox from the continued use of antiperspirants or deodorant products that contain toxins and parabens.

Choosing a natural deodorant for Teens doesn’t have to be difficult. All the ingredients are natural and certified organic where possible. The subtle scents make the range completely unisex.

There are 3 packaging options. A stylish tin that can be thrown in a bag for on the go without the fear of smashing or leakage. The tin is of course completely recyclable.

The Stick which may well be the best place to start for a Teenager. Push up from the Cardboard tube and apply similar to a roll-on product. Again, easy to carry around with you but one application from showering should be adequate.

Finally, the BARE BAR - essentially the same application as the stick but naked! Ergonomically shaped for ease of use.

The entire range is not only a healthy option but an eco-friendly option too.

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