Which Natural Deodorant works best?

Well, according to the great reviews we receive, our Earth Conscious Natural Deodorant works best!

Mint Strong Protection Natural Deodorant

All our reviews can be seen on our website as we use the official verified Reviews Platform. Below are just a few of the latest in.

“This deodorant is the only one I have found that works! Excellent. Highly recommend it and smells lovely. Very happy customer.”

“This product is so amazing that it’s now the only deodorant that I will ever use :)”

“I’ve been using the lavender deodorant for a few months now and I will never go elsewhere. I’ve tried soooo many natural deodorant and nothing compares. I’ve had my sister and mom switch over as well. Both love it. Hands down best deodorant. Also it definitely lasts a full day and I don’t feel the need to reapply.”

“Such a good deodorant. I’ve tried lots of alternative deodorants over the years. My favourite before this was the salt crystal one. However if I got hot or nervous or whatever then I couldn’t rely on it to keep me smelling sweet… So far so great with this one though! - I’ve been using it for a week and it’s been a busy, pretty stressful one. It’s a joy to put on - like moisturising your under arms. It’s really comfortable, seems to be very effective and it has such lovely ingredients! I am really happy. Love the lavender scent too”

“Lovely to wear a deodorant that’s free from all the nasties and doesn’t drop lots of bits from your pits lol!”

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