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The Crystal Deodorant Alternatives

The Crystal Deodorant Alternatives

Crystal deodorants are just one alternative to conventional deodorants and antiperspirants but if you’re looking for something different then look no further than the Earth Conscious range of Natural Deodorant creams.

Citrus Natural Deodorant

The Earth Conscious Deodorants are made from 100% natural and organically sourced ingredients and are of course completely aluminium free.

Unlike crystal deodorants, you can apply the Earth Conscious Natural Deodorant directly onto dry or wet skin. You do not need to have just stepped out of the shower nor do you need to wet the deodorant or your underarms for it to be applied.  Instead, the cream/paste formula can be scooped up with your fingertips and rubbed into the skin - it melts easily on contact and will sink into your skin incredibly easily. In fact, many people say it’s like moisturiser for your armpits too!

Natural cream deodorants are becoming more and more popular as they prove to be extremely effective against body odour. The Earth Conscious range of deodorants can be used by men, women and teens so don’t hesitate, make the switch today to an alternative that genuinely works whilst not harming your body or the environment.

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