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Love Natural Love You - London Olympia 2017

Love Natural Love You - London Olympia 2017

The Love Natural Love You Show takes place each year in July.  It's held at London Olympia. This was our second year and again a cracking show. It's run at the same time as the Allergy Free Show & Just V Show so there really is plenty to discover. I only wish as exhibitors we had more time to check out the other stalls in more detail.

Earth Conscious took a larger stand this year and so glad we did. It can get really busy with people wanting to discover our Natural Deodorant products. We always have samples to sniff and test on arms.

I always finish the day full of deodorant on my forearms from demonstrating but never feel greasy so it's testament to the product that it really does sink into the skin easily. And, of course, one application on the underarms standing the pace of the show and still smelling fine at the end of the day proves why we have picked up a couple more awards this year!

A Big thank you to all our customers both old and new who stopped by. It was good to meet so many interesting people and as a small business we really do appreciate the support.

Earth Conscious @ Love Natural Love You

Love Natural Love You Show

Either side of the show, of course, there is the build up and the dismantle of the stands. It amazes me the amount of work that goes into making this wonderful show happen. The speed at which the show comes down after the event is incredible and feels rather surreal that such a great event is now in the past - until next year of course!

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Earth Conscious Antibacterial Deodorant

Earth Conscious Antibacterial Deodorant

The Earth Conscious Natural Deodorant serves as an Antibacterial Deodorant. The unique natural formula coupled with the antibacterial and anti-fungal qualities of the ingredients such as coconut oil and sodium bicarbonate mean that your armpits can stay bacteria free all day whilst smelling fresh too.





It’s not sweat that smells.

You may notice that when you become sweaty say from exercising, it’s not actually whilst you are sweating that you get the smell of Body Odour. The smell comes at the point where the sweat has dried and the bacteria on your armpits combine to give off the strong scent of Body Odour.



Antibacterial Deodorant 

Earth Conscious Natural Deodorant works differently.

It is natural to sweat so our deodorant is a natural deodorant that works with your body not against it.

We want you to sweat, you should be sweating, it’s a toxin release. What we don’t want is you to smell because that’s just anti-social! That’s where using an antibacterial deodorant saves the day. It eliminates the body odour whereas common antiperspirant deodorants work by blocking the sweat pores and not allowing the sweat through. We don’t advise using antiperspirant.

Make the switch today!

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Citrus Natural Deodorant

Why we make a 100% Natural Deodorant

Making the Earth Conscious Natural Deodorant was born out of a need to find a natural deodorant that worked effectively against body odour. Over the years, many natural and non-natural products have been tested without great success and this drove us to start making our own. The very first Earth Conscious Natural Deodorant became available in 2014 and since then the basic formula has stayed very much the same. It is proven to work and we just tweak for improvements. 

100% Natural Deodorant


Why the need for a Natural Deodorant in the first place?

Well, we believe that taking responsibility for our own health is something everyone should feel empowered to do. With breast cancer on the rise and the concerns over aluminium in antiperspirants we didn’t want to use such products anymore. It no longer felt comfortable to be preventing our bodies from doing what nature intended. Whether the evidence concerning aluminium is conclusive or not, we would rather not take the risk. Couple that with the fact that we had already started out on a greener living lifestyle ourselves there were other reasons for not wanting to use antiperspirants or indeed non-natural deodorants.

Other parabens and toxic ingredients within these products causing harm not only to our bodies but to the environment at large. The packaging involved that would either not be recycled and end up in landfill not to mention the harm to marine life.

It really went from there.

Natural Deodorant became a natural fit for the Earth Conscious Brand.

We realised that the well being of our planet is indeed connected to the well being of our bodies and we need to look after both. Our Natural Deodorant is not just another product jumping on the green and clean bandwagon it is about functionality and affordability too.

Making the switch to a natural deodorant is an easy step along a greener and healthier lifestyle, one which is affordable and accessible to many. 

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