Affordable Natural Deodorant

Affordable Natural Deodorant

We do believe in being fair and we think that better choices should be accessible to all which is why we make an affordable natural deodorant. But, make no mistake, although several pounds cheaper than some natural deodorants, we do not compromise on quality or effectiveness!

The Earth Conscious Natural Deodorant is affordably priced at just £5. Each 60ml pot will last a long time, often months. If you buy one pot plus pay postage charges and it lasts 3 months that is still only 0.08p per day which is a small price to pay for health, wellbeing and doing your bit for the environment!

The Earth Conscious Promise

We use the best quality organic ingredients where applicable so rest assured you are getting high quality ingredients as well as a highly effective product.

You can feel as good about using your deodorant as we do.

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