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What Packaging is Best?

What Packaging is Best?

As you may know packaging is a big deal to us. We make the best possible decision with all the resources we have available to ensure that we are making minimal impact with our packaging choices.

Facts about some materials:

  • Plastic is made from oil and gas drilled from the earth's crust. It has to be drilled out from a deep level and this process has a major environmental impact.
  • Plastic doesn’t decompose. It can only usually be recycled a few times.
  • Aluminum is infinitely recyclable with no loss of material or quality.
  • Metals are elements and are permanently available
  • Glass is also infinitely recyclable. However, it is heavier to transport and takes up a lot more space due to having to be packaged more.
  • Cardboard is light and easy to transport. It does have a limit to how many times it can be recycled. It will naturally decompose into the earth after that time is up.
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Eco Friendly Deodorant

Eco Friendly Deodorant

But what makes a product eco friendly? By definition Eco Friendly means without harm to the environment.

The ingredients used in our Earth Conscious deodorant are 100% natural so it is without a shadow of doubt an eco friendly deodorant. The ingredients are not harmful to our bodies nor are they are harmful to wildlife, marine life or the environment at large.

Eco Friendly Deodorant supports Marine Conservation Society

However, there is more to being eco-friendly than just the product itself. There is the product packaging to consider. Here at Earth Conscious we we do not compromise on our packaging and we do not use plastic. For example, we could have considered using glass jars but the compromise on plastic lids was just one step that our brand wasn’t prepared to take so if we do consider glass in the future it will have to be plastic free lids.

We also need to look at the weight of our product. As well as being obviously more fragile, glass is heavier and more difficult to pack so using our tin means we have a more functional and practical product whilst minimising the transport and packaging foot print.

Eco Friendly Deodorant Tins

The packaging dilemma doesn’t stop there. To continue on with our Earth Conscious eco friendly ethics which are “to do the best we can with what we have available to us”, we do not use plastic postal packaging either. Your deodorant will arrive in Jiffy Green Bags. Larger orders are despatched in cardboard boxes with totally natural eco friendly filling packaging - not a bubble wrap or polysterene bean in sight!

So, if you are looking for a natural deodorant that is 100% natural, genuinely works and is eco friendly too then the Earth Conscious Natural Deodorant is the one for you. And at just £5 it really is affordable too!

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