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Here at Earth Conscious we believe it’s just as important to consider what you put on your body as what you do in it. Common antiperspirants work by releasing aluminium into your body which sits in your skin. When sweat meets the aluminium, it reacts to form a blocking barrier stopping the sweat from getting through. The result, toxins go elsewhere rather than being released through sweat. Now, call us hippies, but this doesn't sound like a good thing to be doing right where your lymph nodes sit and for women right close to your breast tissue. 

We have created a healthy deodorant that only contains 100% natural ingredients and will not block sweat pores.  Earth Conscious Natural Deodorant contains no aluminium, parabens, carcinogens or toxinsYour body will be free to release toxins through perspiration, while you smell fresh.

It's also a healthy deodorant for other important reasons too such as protecting the environment at large.

Your Earth

Everything we apply to our body either sinks in or gets washed off. It will reach our bloodstream or be washed away infecting our waters. Triclosan is commonly found in deodorants and is highly toxic to marine life. It is thought that ingredients such as Triclosan are having a devasting effect on our eco systems as it has been found widespread in algae, the bottom of the food chain. Then there are microbeads which are ingested by fish themselves. Of course, if you eat fish then this is all finding it's way back into the human body too. This really needs to stop. Earth Conscious Natural Deodorant contains only natural ingredients that pose no danger to marine life when your deodorant is washed away. No Palm Oil. Environmentally Friendly Packaging.

















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