Plastic-Free Natural Deodorant - Our Recyclable Packaging

Plastic-Free Natural Deodorant - Our Recyclable Packaging

Packaging is a big deal to us. We make the best possible decision with all the resources we have available to ensure that we are making a minimal impact on our packaging choices. 

Facts about some materials:

  • Plastic is made from oil and gas drilled from the earth's crust. It has to be drilled out from a deep level and this process has a major environmental impact. This is why we only use plastic-free packaging

  • Plastic doesn’t decompose. It can only usually be recycled a few times. Which is why we are not a refillable natural deodorant brand. Our natural deodorants are the the deodorant and applicator in one already! Minimal waste and nothing to be left to landfill or as microplastics down the line. #nocasenowaste 

  • Bioplastics can not readily be recycled in the UK. This is why we simply opt out of plastics all together

  • Aluminium is infinitely recyclable with no loss of material or quality. Our customers can recycle their Earth Conscious Deodorant Tins at kerbside - a system that is already in place. 

  • Metals are elements and are permanently available

  • Glass is also infinitely recyclable. However, it is heavier to transport and takes up a lot more space due to having to be packaged more.

  • Cardboard is light and easy to transport. It does have a limit to how many times it can be recycled. It will naturally decompose into the earth after that time is up.


It’s not all about recycling.

Buying a product that comes in packaging that can be recycled is a much better option than buying one that can’t. However, there are so many more factors, and the steps that come before recycling are Reduce and Reuse.

Reducing is the first step to minimising our impact.

We all feel like we are doing our bit filling up our green bins and official messages make us feel like it’s enough. But it is not enough. Reducing what we buy and reducing what those things are wrapped in should be the focus.

We created a natural deodorant because we feel that it is a necessary product in today's world. We don’t think it’s excessive and a dreadful waste of resources. After much careful consideration, we have 3 deodorant choices, Bare Bar, Tin, and Stick. As mentioned above, we gave thought to a refillable natural deodorant option at one point but decided that we were just over-complicating matters and adding to a waste problem instead of solving one. Refillable deodorant cases will of course eventually break or need replacing and even if not made of plastic, the plant-based bioplastics for example are not readily recyclable here in the UK yet. 


We selected our packaging that we think makes the least impact. 

Bare Bar

Our Bare Bar is essentially a naked natural deodorant in the shape of a bar of solid soap. It arrives with our customers wrapped in a small piece of greaseproof paper with an appropriately sized box to ensure that we conform with the cosmetic regulations and customers receive the information they need. We do have the option of a storage/travel tin but it is not necessary. The storage tin option can also be used for other purposes should a customer decide they are trying a new product. 

Natural Deodorant Bare Bar - Recyclable Packaging


Tin Deodorant Packaging

We use aluminium for our pot of natural deodorant. Aluminium is both abundant and sustainable. You can read more about the sustainability of Aluminium below.

It is lightweight, travels well and we know it can be recycled. We dismiss glass as an option as it is heavy and the extra packaging it needs would have an impact. We don’t just need to get your deodorants to you, we have to have the pots shipped to us too! Our metal tins are sturdy, travel well in your bag, and allow you to scoop out what you need.

recyclable deodorant tin

Cardboard Stick Deodorant Packaging

We use cardboard for our push up deodorant. It can be recycled and when that process ends we know it will decompose back into the earth. It is also lightweight and we can send it out to you with minimal additional packaging.

Recyclable Deodorant Sticks



Plastic is so readily available, our jobs would be made a lot easier if we didn’t care enough not to use it. It is cheap and it is practical. Our push up deodorant would function well in a plastic tube. However, do we really need to create more impact on our earth for this? A cardboard tube maybe a little more rustic than a polished looking plastic container, but as people on this planet, a planet that’s our home, we sometimes need to choose wisely over aesthetics.


Bioplastics launched onto the market in the last few years and have seen increased popularity within many industries. Cosmetic companies have been switching to bioplastics to replace plastics to pursue “greener” avenues. The problem with bioplastics is that they take an enormous amount of resources to produce, including water. The other problem is that, although they are often called recyclable, it appears that most UK recycling plants are not able to recycle bioplastics yet. They are also often described as compostable, but this tends to be under commercial composting criteria and are not generally suitable for composting at home. We applaud the innovation going into these types of products, however, remain careful not to go into them blind in the interests of being a “green” business.  


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