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The Bare Bar - Earth Conscious gets Naked

The Bare Bar - Earth Conscious gets Naked

The Bare Bar is here at last!

You may have noticed that our coming soon sign for this new natural deodorant product has been sitting on our website for some time. We are now very excited to announce that after working on this product for so long, our (click here) Earth Conscious Bare Bar is here and we are so happy with it. 


Unpackaged Bare Bar - Natural deodorant

What is the Bare Bar?

It is a natural deodorant bar that is designed to have minimal packaging. It looks similar to a chunky bar of soap but feels like our Natural Deodorant Stick (although a little more solid). To use it, simply run it over your armpits and either rub it in or leave it to soak in for some minutes before you get dressed. The amazing active ingredients get to work on reducing the bacteria and fungus that are present in your underarms, thus stopping the odour from occurring. 

The ergonomic Bare Bar has been designed as a lovely shape to hold, it has a curve to it and this makes it really easy to glide across your armpit area. We are finding it so easy just to pick up and apply. It weighs a nice and chunky 90g so there is plenty of product to keep you going for a few months. 

Amazing ingredients

The Bare Bar contains the same high quality and natural ingredients as our other deodorant range. Our ingredients include skin softening Fairtrade coconut oil, shea butter, bicarbonate of soda and vitamin E oil, for extra nourishment. We ensure that our ingredients are always Soil Association certified organic where it is possible to source them as so. And of course, our fragrance is only ever essential oils, giving you a natural boost. 

Receiving the Bare Bar

We send your Bare Bar out to you wrapped in a small piece of paper wrap inside a simple box. The paper wrap is both recyclable and home compostable when you are finished with it and of course the cardboard box is recyclable too.


Less is More

The environment is always a key focus for our product range. We do not over-package, over-engineer or over-complicate. Keeping it simple and functional with good quality ingredients that get the job done! Less really is more. 

Minimal packaging is best for the planet so we have that covered, plus naturally, your deodorant will be posted to you in plastic-free, 100% recycled postage packaging. On top of this pledge, we also ensure our ingredients don’t pose any threat to marine life or the environment when they are washed away, and we continue to donate to the Marine Conservation Society with every product sold in support of their efforts for our seas. 

Earth Conscious Bare Bar Grapefruit and Lemon (click here) 

Also available in Pure Unscented, Lavender & Tea Tree, Lemon & Rosemary and the the beautiful Jasmine & Rose. 

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Top Tips for Using Natural Deodorant

Top Tips for Using Natural Deodorant

Earth Conscious deodorant contains totally natural ingredients. Here are our Top Tips to help you get the best out of your Natural Deodorant Balm.

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Reusable Sandwich Wraps - Eco Snack Wrap

Reusable Sandwich Wraps - Eco Snack Wrap

Aiming for a Zero Waste Lunch?

Eco Snack Wraps eliminate the need for disposable packaging. No more disposable plastic wrap, clingfilm or foils.  The reusable sandwich wrap can be used over and over.

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Lets Talk About Sweat

Lets Talk About Sweat

Given we make an Earth Conscious 100% Natural Deodorant, sweat and body odour are two topics that interest us; so lets talk about sweat.

It’s not sweat that smells

To be clear, sweat doesn’t smell. The bacteria on our skin is what makes the smell as it breaks down the acid secreted through sweat. There are around 300 different species of bacteria existing in our armpits alone and certain types thrive in different conditions. Micro-coccus, for example, which can be found on human skin transforms the compounds in sweat into the unpleasant odour we know as BO.

You may notice that when you become sweaty say from exercising, it’s not actually whilst you are sweating that you get the smell of Body Odour. The smell comes at the point where the sweat has dried and the bacteria on your armpits combine to give off the strong scent of Body Odour. 

The Earth Conscious Natural Deodorant serves as an Antibacterial Deodorant. The unique natural formula coupled with the antibacterial and anti-fungal qualities of the ingredients such as coconut oil and sodium bicarbonate mean that your armpits can stay bacteria free all day whilst smelling fresh too.

The Earth Conscious Natural Deodorant is not an antiperspirant and we do not wish to encourage use of antiperspirants - we believe sweating is a natural and important part bodily process. Choosing a natural deodorant is a healthier option for both your body and the environment.


If you want maximum results from wearing natural deodorants then keeping clean is a priority although the Earth Conscious Natural Deodorant will deodorise if you’ve already worked up a bit of a funk and does make for an ideal deodorant for travel, camping and festivals.

What's your clothing made from?

The clothing that you wear is also key to maximum success. A recent BBC documentary disclosed that the clothing we wear mixed with bacteria will also affect how much we smell. Micro-coccus bacteria likes the synthetic fabric environment, so if you’re opting for the stay dry kind of gym gear, although the fabric will keep you dry it is more susceptible to the rancid smell of Body Odour.

Sticking to natural cotton fabrics will help you stay fresh. If you do choose to wear synthetic fabrics (and lets be honest sometimes they are more practical) then be sure to keep washing them. The fact is the nasty smell will just increase the longer you leave them without washing the sweat and bacteria off.


Therefore, if staying fresh and sweet smelling is your preference but you still want to make a healthy and green choice by using a natural deodorant, then choosing natural cotton fabrics too would be the way to go not the stay dry sports clothing. The same would apply for everyday clothing too - opt for natural fabrics not synthetics.

It’s all about the natural it seems!
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Earth Conscious Plastic Free Natural Deodorant

Why We Don't Use Plastic

The Earth Conscious Natural Deodorant Balms come in sleek yet functional tins. We have been asked why we use aluminium tins and not plastic or glass. Well the answer is this.

Our tins are lightweight and easy to package meaning the resources we need to use to get them to you in one safe piece are less. This is a bonus when green credentials are high on our list of priorities. They take up less space in a postal sack at the post office and thus in the transportation of them too - again less resources is a win.

They are also reusable and recyclable.

Aluminium is both abundant and sustainable.

You can read more about the sustainability of Aluminium below.

Plastic for us is not an option at present. We keep an open mind and would be happy to research the use of recycled plastics perhaps in the future. Glass also a possibility but extra packaging costs both to the environment and to finances of which would inevitably mean a higher costing product for our customers isn’t something we are keen on.

Part of the Earth Conscious concept and ethic is that natural and organic products should not be unaffordable. Natural products should be affordable and accessible to all if we are to make a bigger impact on the world.

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Plastic Free Tea Bags

Plastic Free Tea Bags

In our Earth Conscious endeavours to minimise our plastic consumption, I recently discovered that many tea bags actually contain plastic! Yes plastic. Surprised? I certainly was. I always thought that tea bags were fully compostable but turns out they’re not.

I have been buying organic tea for a while now to avoid the teas that may have been treated with pesticides but now the comforting thought that surrounds having a nice cup of tea feels somewhat toxic again.

Apparently some tea bags are treated with epichlorohydrin which is used in plastics and glue and in the case of tea bags, helps hold them together. I don’t know what the exact risks are but I don’t fancy the toxins from that seeping into my drink.

Here at Earth Conscious when we learn about something like this we choose the route of caution. If we can find a healthier option and make a better choice for the environment then we will.

However, choosing tea bags which are organic is one thing, where the box isn’t plastic wrapped is another but to find plastic free tea bags is definitely harder, particularly affordable choices.

We have found TeaPigs. They use biodegradeable corn starch for their tea temples and have other good green credentials. However, the loose tea remains the most economical option. 

For now I have switched from bags to loose tea. Wish I had kept that leaky teapot now!

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