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Natural Deodorant Adjustment Period

Natural Deodorant Adjustment Period

If you are switching from a conventional deodorant or antiperspirant to a natural deodorant for the first time you may find that you need time to adjust. This is not always the case and most people make the switch without any problem.

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Benefits of Using a Natural Deodorant

Benefits of Using a Natural Deodorant

There are many benefits of using a natural deodorant over conventional deodorants and antiperspirants but quite simply put, switching to a natural deodorant is a healthier choice all round. Think skin kind ingredients, kind to the planet and it won't cost you the Earth either and that will just about sum it up!

Natural Deodorant Ingredients 

The ingredients used in your natural deodorant are designed to be kind to the skin whilst working hard to eliminate body odour. They are not designed to stop you sweating.

Sweating is a natural bodily process performed for the purposes of keeping cool and removing toxins. The use of antiperspirants prevents this natural process from happening which doesn’t seem like a particularly good idea! Aluminium Salts are often used in antiperspirants to help prevent perspiration by blocking your pores. The Earth Conscious range of Natural Deodorants are free from aluminium.

Kind to the Environment

Other benefits of using a natural deodorant at least the Earth Conscious Range is that they are kinder to the environment too. The natural ingredients pose no harm to marine life or the environment at large when washed away from the skin and if that wasn’t enough, the packaging we use is recyclable and plastic free.

Saves You Money

Surprisingly to many there are actually financial benefits to switching to our natural deodorant too. A 60g natural deodorant balm or natural deodorant stick lasts at least 3 months and often much longer. And, our essentially naked Bare Bar Deodorant will likely lost even longer - see video below! At between 0.05p and 0.08p per daily use, it really is a very economical option.



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Eco Friendly Christmas

Eco Friendly Christmas

Eco Friendly Deodorant

Here at Earth Conscious HQ, we continue to be mindful of the excess waste that can be created by the seasonal festivities and aim for an eco-friendly Christmas. Ours is shaping up a little like this thus far.

For the fourth year running now, our reusable advent calendar made another appearance. Ours was made from some new velvety pouches and recycled materials reclaimed from a craft bank. We fill it every year with chocolates and messages of Christmassy things to do. Admittedly this year we have failed on the *Christmassy* things to do as life as gotten in the way.

A Christmas Tree was needed this year as our old rescued from the recycling centre plastic tree returned to the recycling centre 4 years later due to our house move. So this year, we have a real tree, potted too! We can hopefully re-pot or replant and maybe even use again next year. Either way, the Christmas Tree will live on past this year’s event. Decorations, nothing new. Many collected over the years and some older than my 44 years that have been made by my own grandparents. It makes our tree always feel that little bit more special.

Christmas Food. This year again we are not buying too much. We are shopping locally instead of doing the big supermarket shop. This is a big saver on waste whilst supporting small local businesses too. We won’t cook too much and we will eat when we are hungry rather than because we feel we should.

A new one for us this year are reusable crackers. We absolutely loathe the crappy gifts that you get inside crackers. What a total and utter waste of resources not to mention the wasteful packaging. Then we discovered reusable crackers from Keep This Cracker. Keep the fun without the waste.

Gifts very scaled back again this year. Have tried to shop ethically and consciously as much as possible and not just for the sake of buying more stuff that nobody really needs or wants.

Gift Wrapping this year is using what we have leftover from last year plus we have a collection of gift bags that have been used previously too. Recycling! The children have fabric sacks that have come out year after year too. We may slip in some Cloth wrapping with ribbons too and will most certainly be using brown paper tape where possible instead of the plastic stuff. It is important when buying paper wrap to avoid the metallic all singing all dancing stuff because it is not easily recyclable so we will be bearing this in mind throughout the year now even for birthdays.

So that’s it for now. We do try to live by the ethos behind the brand *be more earth conscious* as best we can. Remember, it’s small steps and they do count.

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Which Natural Deodorant works best?

Which Natural Deodorant works best?

Choosing a Natural Deodorant is a very personal thing. Earth Conscious has a wide selection of scents, formulations and a variety of application methods so there is something for everyone. These have been formulated since 2014 and are incredibly effective against body odour. 

Earth Conscious customers exist in their thousands and we are happy in our mission to keep people feeling fresh and confident whilst choosing a sustainable, eco-friendly product.

Which Natural Deodorant Works Best?

The entire Earth Conscious range of sustainable deodorants works in the same way. The natural ingredients tackle body odour. They are not designed to stop you sweating, an antiperspirant is required for that but they will eliminate body odour not just cover the smell with scent, so you can go about your day feeling fresh and confident.

Our core range is a good place to start. 

Natural Deodorant Balms packaged in a recyclable aluminium tin. Available in a variety of scents. These require application with fingers. A few small circular movements will provide enough product to apply to the armpit. One application after a shower in the morning should see you through the day. Each tin should last on average 12 weeks depending on how much you use - but a pea sized amount is really all that's needed. Coverage is excellent with this variety and our customers often liken it to moisturising your armpits at the same time!

Lavender Natural Natural That Works Best

The Natural Deodorant Stick is an excellent choice for those who may not be familiar with applying a balm to the armpit area or who may be completely new to this type of product. They are not that far removed from a conventional roll on in the way they apply but they are a much healthier aluminium free deodorant option. Apply directly from the cardboard push up tube, a couple of swipes should do the trick. 

Natural Deodorant that works best - Grapefruit & Lemon

The essentially naked Bare Bar Natural Deodorant alternative. We love our Bare Bar.  It's likely the most economical product we have with slightly more bang for your buck. Approximately 90g of powerful effective natural ingredients that may well last you 6 months. See our latest Bare Bar test here. 


Strong Protection Range of Natural Deodorants

In addition to our Core Range of Deodorants, we have a range that we like to call STRONG PROTECTION. These deodorants are formulated to be a little stronger and for those who need a little extra. Maybe you're physically active or work long hours (we've had hospital staff say these work well for them on a long shift), or maybe menopause is causing hot flushes and extra sweating!

Available in Mighty Mint or Indian Bay Leaf & Orange and both scents available in either a balm or a stick.

Which Natural Deodorant Works Best - Strong Protection

Delicate Natural Deodorant Range

And last but no means least, our Delicate range of Natural Deodorants. Designed for those who may be sensitive to Sodium Bicarbonate. However, It is important to note that it's not always the Sodium Bicarbonate that may be the cause of any sensitivity or irritation.

Essential Oils naturally contain allergens and whilst the levels we use in all of our products are extremely low and safe for use, it is still possible to be sensitive to one of the naturally occurring allergens. 

Our Pure Unscented products are a good starting place for anyone. 

Delicate Range of Natural Deodorants that work best
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Natural Deodorant for Children & Teens

Natural Deodorant for Children & Teens

The teenage years is generally the time when deodorant is first needed and parents find themselves seeking out products that will help with their Teen’s body odour. However, some parents find themselves seeking out deodorant options for their children pre-teen age too.

The Earth Conscious Range of Aluminium Free Natural Deodorants are suitable for use on children age 9 plus. All of our products are safety tested to meet with the latest Cosmetic Regulations.

An aluminium free Natural Deodorant for Children or Teenagers is a good, safe and gentle option that will eliminate body odour without harming their health. Bodily changes and raging hormones are enough to deal with!

It’s important to remember that sweat does not smell but when mixed with bacteria it will cause the unpleasant body odour smell. Keeping clean and wearing fresh clothes will minimise the bacteria building up and you’ll find all you need is a natural deodorant. By starting out on the right foot you’ll not need to detox from the continued use of antiperspirants or deodorant products that contain toxins and parabens.

Choosing a natural deodorant for Teens doesn’t have to be difficult. All the ingredients are natural and certified organic where possible. The subtle scents make the range completely unisex.

There are 3 packaging options. A stylish tin that can be thrown in a bag for on the go without the fear of smashing or leakage. The tin is of course completely recyclable.

The Stick which may well be the best place to start for a Teenager. Push up from the Cardboard tube and apply similar to a roll-on product. Again, easy to carry around with you but one application from showering should be adequate.

Finally, the BARE BAR - essentially the same application as the stick but naked! Ergonomically shaped for ease of use.

The entire range is not only a healthy option but an eco-friendly option too.

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The Crystal Deodorant Alternatives

The Crystal Deodorant Alternatives

Crystal deodorants are just one alternative to conventional deodorants and antiperspirants but if the salt crystal deodorants are not working for you or you’re looking for something different then look no further than the Earth Conscious range of Natural Deodorants. Available as a balm in a sleek recyclable aluminium tin, a recyclable cardboard push up stick or an essentially naked Bare Bar.

Jasmine & Rose Natural Deodorant BalmSustainable Natural Deodorant StickSustainable Natural Deodorant Bare Bar

The Earth Conscious Deodorants are made from 100% natural and organically sourced ingredients and are of course completely aluminium free.

Unlike crystal deodorants, you can apply the Earth Conscious Natural Deodorant directly onto dry or wet skin. You do not need to have just stepped out of the shower nor do you need to wet the deodorant or your underarms for it to be applied.  Instead, the balm formulation can be scooped up with your fingertips and rubbed into the skin or applied directly from the stick or bar - it melts easily on contact and will sink into your skin incredibly easily. In fact, many people say it’s like moisturiser for your armpits too!

Natural balm deodorants are extremely effective against body odour. The Earth Conscious range of deodorants can be used by men, women and teens so don’t hesitate, make the switch today to an alternative that genuinely works whilst not harming your body or the environment.

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Natural Deodorant that Actually Works and won’t Cost the Earth.

Natural Deodorant that Actually Works and won’t Cost the Earth.

We believe Natural Deodorant That Actually Works is probably now a search term of the past or not googled as often as it used to be. There is so much choice out nowadays that there will be something that suits most people.

Earth Conscious has been making natural deodorants since 2014. We have an extensive range of deodorants that work hard against eliminating body odour.

Skin Consideration

We believe it’s just as important to consider what you put on your body as what you do in it and given our skin is the largest organ of the body it is important to make sure that we look after it.

The Earth Conscious Natural Deodorant is aluminium free, paraben free, and contains no carcinogens or toxins. We use the highest quality natural ingredients. The ingredients are organically sourced and soil association certified where possible. 

Financially speaking, our deodorants won’t cost the earth. Fact is it won’t cost the earth in ecological terms either!

Just one natural deodorant balm or natural deodorant stick will last on average 3 months. These are affordably priced at just £7 per 60g and some of our customers say they've had their Earth Conscious Natural Deodorants for even longer. 

Our Bare Bar Natural Deodorant Range is possibly the most long lasting of the entire range. Just recently we discovered that 90g of product was on target for 6 months usage! So we estimate no matter whether you choose a Balm in a recyclable aluminium tin, a cardboard stick deodorant or the essentially naked Bare Bar the cost to your Natural Deodorant purchase is somewhere between 5p and 7p per day. 

We hope you agree that's a small price to pay for a healthier option for both your body and the environment. 

Support Marine Conservation

The natural organic ingredients when washed away will pose no danger to marine life or the environment at large and the packaging is completely recyclable. 10p from every deodorant sold is donated to the Marine Conservation Society in the UK. It really is a win win. You really can choose a natural deodorant that actually works and won’t cost the earth.


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Most Effective Natural Deodorant UK

Most Effective Natural Deodorant UK

The Earth Conscious range of natural deodorants are incredibly effective against body odour. Whether you chose from our balms, sticks or bare bars there is something for everyone and all applications are available in a variety of subtle scents.

Award Winning Natural Deodorant

In 2016, our natural deodorant won two awards; Gold for Best Deodorant in The Green Parent Natural Beauty Awards 2016 and Best Natural Deodorant in the Biteable Beauty Awards. In 2017 we won Silver in the Free From Skincare awards sitting only behind the mighty Neals Yard and Best Buy in the Green Parent Natural Beauty Awards. In 2018 we won GOLD in the Janey Loves Awards. We haven't entered any awards since that time but with the new products perhaps we should consider it.

Customer Feedback

Our customers tell us time and time again how effective the Earth Conscious Natural Deodorant is and not just those who have tried other brands but those switching from regular antiperspirants too! In many cases, people who had all but given up on finding a natural deodorant that works have been delighted to find the Earth Conscious range.

How Does Natural Deodorant Work?

The main purpose of our natural deodorant product is to work with your body allowing you to perspire as nature intended but ensuring that you are protected against the anti-social problem of Body Odour. The natural ingredients work hard to eliminate body odour keeping you fresh all day long. 

As an aluminium free deodorant, It is a healthier option for your body and a kinder product to the environment. 


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Lets Talk About the Cost of Natural Skincare Products

Lets Talk About the Cost of Natural Skincare Products

Natural & organic skincare products will often cost more but maybe that's the reality of what these products should cost us. The cheaper alternatives that are not so good for us or the environment become many peoples normal which makes us believe that natural and organic or indeed Fairtrade options are expensive.

Small scale skincare production can be more costly especially labour intensive and time costly which results in higher prices - as a small business ourselves we understand this. There will be plenty more reasons of course.

Here at Earth Conscious we believe that natural and organic skincare products should be affordable and accessible to all. The more people that can afford to use them will do so, which will then have a bigger overall impact on health and our planet. Maybe that’s just too simplistic in the bigger picture but certainly when it comes to an easy switch on choosing a natural deodorant instead of a toxic deodorant, it makes sense.

Our range of Earth Conscious Natural Deodorants are priced between £7 and £9 and not only are they a healthy choice, they are an eco-friendly choice too. Win Win.

Now, you may think that £9 or even £7 for a deodorant is expensive compared to the £1 deodorant in the pound store (which is likely smaller sized anyway) or the £1 supermarket equivalent or the £2.50 branded roll on but the truth is, it isn’t.

Let us break the cost down

The £7 tin or stick will last you on average 3 months and sometimes much longer depending on individual use. The £9 Bare Bars with at least 90g of product will last even longer. Now of course there are more expensive options on the market but these then become a luxury item rather than a functional everyday staple. 

However, a functional staple item such as deodorant should still be a great experience to use which is why the we do not compromise on the quality of the ingredients. The Earth Conscious range of natural deodorants use only 100% natural ingredients that are certified soil association organic wherever possible making the natural deodorant experience a pleasurable one at affordable prices!

£7 divided by 30 days is just 23p per day (average 90 days of use = 7p per day!)

7p per day to keep you smelling fresh whilst minimally impacting the environment.

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Looking for Alternatives to Antiperspirant?

Looking for Alternatives to Antiperspirant?

Looking for antiperspirant alternatives to help eliminate body odour?

You need look no further than our Earth Conscious Natural Deodorant. Our deodorant is totally 100% natural, it’s a natural deodorant that actually works! It eliminates body odour without harming your body or the environment.

Natural alternative to Antiperspirant


Why Look for Antiperspirant Alternatives?

Asking yourself “why should I look for antiperspirant alternatives in the first place?” Well, antiperspirants work by sealing in moisture and blocking the body’s natural process of releasing toxins and there have been reports linking aluminium with breast cancer and even Alzheimer's. Further studies need to take place in this field of medical research but in the meantime, why take the risk when there are so many other antiperspirant alternatives available. You don’t need to use an antiperspirant to remain socially acceptable! It is only really body odour that needs to be eliminated, not perspiration.

Not only that, the spray from antiperspirant pollutes the air, the chemicals released pollute our seas and harm marine life and the packaging pollutes the earth too so switching is not only better for your body but it’s better for the environment too.

Aluminium Free Deodorant

The Earth Conscious Natural Deodorant is an eco friendly deodorant and also aluminium free. Yes it’s made from 100% natural ingredients that you could eat (we don’t advise it!), but it’s also packaged in a sleek recyclable packaging meaning not a whiff of plastic packaging in site!


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Be More Earth Conscious

Be More Earth Conscious

Be More Earth Conscious - what does that even mean?

For us, it is of course our brand but it is so much more than just our business. It is a way of life, a mindset. It’s the need to be more Earth Conscious for the greater good, for the health and happiness of our planet and everything living on it. It’s about understanding that small changes do matter. We may not be able to do it all, however, doing something opposed to nothing, is still the right way to go. 

If every single one of us made just one change because of health or environmental reasons (and we believe these two things are connected) then collectively we may even make a big difference!

Where Do We Start?

It could be refusing to buy plastic bottled water and instead carry a reusable bottle.

It could be refusing to buy that chemically laden beauty product in plastic packaging.

It could be focusing on minimising food waste.

It could be focusing on buying less or seeking second hand first.

Whatever the choice, even one better choice for health and environmental reasons is a start.

Being more green or health conscious is not an overnight fix or trendy fad and neither is it about living completely off grid in the wilderness or being a huge activist (although either of those choices are both admirable and totally cool), it’s just keeping it real and relative to our own daily lives whatever they may be and trying to be Earth Conscious within them.

Education and learning play a huge part and becoming more aware of what’s going on in the world around us and taking personal responsibility for the things that we can realistically change ourselves is ongoing work in progress.

We Are In It Together

Here at the Earth Conscious family, we are riding the life rollercoaster alongside you all and we realise that we can't do everything, we can't be everything to everyone but we can all work with what is available to us.  

Our choice is an Earth Conscious one. We take as much responsibility as we can for our health and happiness and know that everything is connected and the choices we make can and will ultimately come back and bite us on the bottom if we don’t take care of them.

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Best Organic Natural Deodorant that Works

Best Organic Natural Deodorant that Works

The Earth Conscious Range of Organic Natural Deodorants are made from 100% Natural Ingredients using certified organic ingredients wherever applicable. It works effectively as an antibacterial deodorant focusing on eliminating body odour rather than stopping the natural and important bodily process of perspiration.

Deodorising Smell before it Happens

Body odour is the product of bacteria through perspiration so our organic deodorant works very hard in the first place by using antibacterial and anti-fungal ingredients that will work with your body naturally to prevent body odour forming. 

To do this we use the best natural and organic ingredients certified by the Soil Association where possible.

Fairtrade Organic Coconut Oil

Fairtrade Organic Coconut oil is a main ingredient in our organic deodorants, its naturally antibacterial and anti-fungal as well as being incredibly soothing to the skin. Coconut Oil is perfect for the delicate underarm area.

Best Organic Natural Deodorant That Works

Sodium Bicarbonate another active main ingredient is powerful at keeping odour at bay all day long. Add these two important ingredients to the other nourishing natural ingredients within the formula and we really do have the best organic natural deodorant that works. 


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