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Be More Earth Conscious

Be More Earth Conscious

Be More Earth Conscious - what does that even mean?

For us, it is of course our brand but it is so much more than just our business. It is a way of life, a mindset. It’s the need to be more Earth Conscious for the greater good, for the health and happiness of our planet and everything living on it. It’s about understanding that small changes do matter. We may not be able to do it all, however, doing something opposed to nothing, is still the right way to go. 

Be More Earth Conscious

If every single one of us made just one change because of health or environmental reasons (and we believe these two things are connected) then collectively we may even make a big difference! It could be refusing to buy plastic bottled water or it could be refusing to buy that chemically laden beauty product. Whatever the choice, even one better choice for health and environmental reasons is a start.

Remember, being more green or health conscious is not an overnight fix or trendy fad and neither is it about living completely off grid in the wilderness or being a huge activist (although either of those choices are both admirable and totally cool), it’s just keeping it real and relative to our own daily lives whatever they may be and trying to be Earth Conscious within them.

Education and learning play a huge part and becoming more aware of what’s going on in the world around us and taking personal responsibility for the things that we can realistically change ourselves is ongoing work in progress.

Here at EC HQ, we are riding the life rollercoaster alongside you all and we realise that there will be those who just do not care or have opposing views. That matters not. Our choice is an Earth Conscious one. We take as much responsibility as we can for our health and happiness and know that everything is connected and the choices we make can and will ultimately come back and bite us on the bottom if we don’t take care of them.

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Natural and Plastic Free

Natural and Plastic Free

Let’s talk Natural and Plastic Free. Here at Earth Conscious we are a plastic free brand and our Natural Deodorant products are natural. That’s 100% natural. We do not use synthetic fragrances. When we say the product is 100% it really is. The natural organic ingredients will not harm your body or the environment so it’s a total win win all round.

Eco Friendly Deodorant

Product Packaging

In terms of our product packaging, our Natural Deodorant comes to you in a sleek recyclable tin and if posted directly from us it will arrive in a Jiffy Green bag - so that’s no plastic bubble wrap sneakily hidden inside the walls of those postal envelopes.

It is important to us to stick to our plastic free commitment and my goodness that has proved challenging at times. We considered glass as a potential product packaging but of course there are obvious smashing issues and given our Natural Deodorant makes for a fabulous travel deodorant, glass is not suitable.

Plastic applicators would be such an easy option for us particularly with our product development going forward but we have pledged not to go down that route. In the future, could we consider some kind of recycled plastic? Well maybe. It would take much more consideration and due diligence so we could ensure that environmentally recycled plastic was a good decision.

For now, we will stick to our plastic free commitment. For every tin sold a donation is made to Marine Conservation in the UK so everyone is helping one another. 

Protect Marine Conservation

Going natural and plastic free in your deodorant choice may just be one small step but it’s one small step that is easy to make. Collectively we can all make for a bigger brighter picture.

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Best Organic Natural Deodorant that Works

Our Natural Deodorant has won two awards this year. Earlier on in the year we won the Biteable Beauty Award for best deodorant and more recently in July 2016 we won the Gold Award for Best Deodorant from the Green Parent Magazine. With these two awards and the masses of positive feedback from customers we can say confidently that the Earth Conscious Natural Deodorant is the best organic natural deodorant that works.

Natural deodorant that works

How does it work?

Our deodorant works as an antibacterial deodorant focusing on eliminating body odour rather than stopping the natural and important bodily process of perspiration. Body odour is the product of bacteria through perspiration so our deodorant works in the first place by using antibacterial and anti-fungal ingredients that will work with your body naturally to prevent body odour forming. It will also deodorise any smells before they happen.

To do this we use the best natural and organic ingredients certified by the Soil Association where possible. Coconut Oil, a main ingredient in our deodorant, is naturally antibacterial and anti-fungal as well as being incredibly soothing to the skin. Coconut Oil is perfect for the delicate underarm area. Sodium Bicarbonate another active main ingredient is powerful at keeping odour at bay all day long. Add these two important ingredients to the other luxury ingredients of the formula and we really do have the best organic natural deodorant that works.

Not only that our products are priced so that everyone can make the switch to a natural deodorant. It’s even packaged in a stylish totally functional tin for ease of travel. Take your Earth Conscious Natural Deodorant with you wherever you go.

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Hormones and Natural Deodorants

Hormones and Natural Deodorants

One of the reasons to make the switch to a natural deodorant is related to hormones. Natural Deodorants are a healthier, harmonious all round happier choice for our bodies and here’s why.

Mainstream antiperspirants and deodorants often contain chemicals that are potentially harmful to our bodies. Applying chemicals to our skin not just through deodorant/antiperspirant use but through any skin care products means our skin will absorb those chemicals and eventually they will enter the bloodstream.

Natural Deodorants and Hormones

For a while now, we at Earth Conscious have been reading about all kinds of possible links with these chemicals and basically bad health - it’s one of the reasons we decided to make our own natural deodorant.

Parabens (butylparaben, ethylparaben, isobutylparaben, methylparaben, and propylparaben) are widely used as preservatives in deodorants and antiperspirants. Parabens mimic estrogen in the body and have been found inside breast cancer tumors. Although the link to breast cancer isn’t proven, we like to take the route of caution with this one and believe that further research in this field is necessary. Our natural deodorant of course is Paraben Free.

Aluminium compounds are another cause for concern and perhaps the mostly widely known. Aluminium Chlorohydrate is used in antiperspirants and deodorants to block the sweat pores and prevent perspiration - not a wise thing to do in our humble opinion. Natural processes are there for a reason and in this case, regulating temperature and releasing toxins are the reasons we sweat. Aluminium is also known to interact with the body’s hormones and cells in a similar way to oestrogen. There is also much talk about the links with aluminium poisoning and the onset of Alzheimer’s another big cause for concern.

On to Phthalates. These are also used in some antiperspirants and deodorants to help the application of products but these have been found to be endocrine disruptor’s too.

And yes another one - Triclosan. Triclosan kills bacteria but we have read that some studies have shown Triclosan to alter hormones and  cause allergies, weight gain and thyroid problems. If that wasn’t enough there is the risk to the environment too.

We are no experts but we do know that using natural products that genuinely work have got to be a better option. When it comes to hormones, these are tricky enough at the best of times so why bother complicating matters or adding risk when making a simple switch will do the job!?

Truly natural deodorants like our Earth Conscious Natural Deodorant do not contain chemicals that are harmful to your body or the environment so you can feel safe in that knowledge. Whilst your deodorant will be effective in eliminating body odour it won’t harm you whilst it’s working. Make the Switch Today.

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Choose Palm Oil Free

Choose Palm Oil Free

Palm oil boycotting is something we at Earth Conscious have been focusing on lately. We are not 100% there yet but here are some of the reasons that this is important to us and our families.  

Clearing forests to make room for palm oil plants is causing major environmental issues in Indonesia. But the effects are worldwide.

In 2015 burning and forest fires to clear space for palm oil plantations destroyed huge areas of rainforest and the fires alone on some days produced more carbon emissions than the whole of the US (Greenpeace). These rainforests are critical to us on earth. “unless we change the present system that rewards forest destruction, forest clearing will put another 200 billion tons of carbon into the atmosphere in coming decades…,” says the Environmental Defense Fund, a leading green group.

Plus of course there is the wildlife that reside in rainforests. Between 1.5 - 1.8 million species have been identified in rainforests so far plus however many more we are yet to discover. That’s if we ever do before they are wiped out.

One of the most common reported plights due to palm oil deforestation is that of the orangutan. Not only do orangutans die because of their habitat being reduced or eliminated but they are also victims of the burning techniques of the farmers and plantation developers. Charities such as the Sumatran Orangutan Society (SOS)  are working to try and safeguard the forests for orangutans. 

Orangutan Rescue

So what can we do? You can sign the Greenpeace petition calling for big brands such as Johnson & Johnson, PepsiCo and Colgate-Palmolive to end their palm oil use. But the biggest thing that you can do as a consumer is vote with your cash.

Try checking labels for palm oil (also called palm fruit oil, palm kernel oil plus look out for just “vegetable oil” or “sodium lauryl sulfate” / SLS that may well contain palm oil). You will be amazed how many products contain palm oil. From biscuits to beauty products (not the Earth Conscious Natural Deodorant of course). It’s a time consuming business especially in a shopping dash and there are times when an alternative just may not be available in a supermarket which means compromise or going without. 

Check out sites Shop Palm Oil Free and Ethical Consumer which can point you in the right direction of palm oil free products, you may find that you’ll need to shop elsewhere than a supermarket.

Big brands need to take responsibility here, but in the meantime if we can show them that their palm oil use will ultimately affect their sales perhaps they may listen faster.

*image credit International Animal Rescue

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Best Natural Deodorant

When making the switch from an antiperspirant of course you want the best natural deodorant available but how do you know which to choose?

We like to think of Earth Conscious as being a very trustworthy, transparent and honest brand so instead of just telling you to rush out and buy our natural deodorant because it’s the best natural deodorant, we’re going to back up our claims and hopefully even if you don’t choose us you’ll know what to look out for when choosing a natural deodorant for yourself.

The Earth Conscious Natural Deodorant is made from 100% Natural Ingredients

Look out for deodorants that are 100% natural. Often natural deodorants say they are natural but that’s not always entirely true. You want to make sure that the ingredients are natural including the fragrance - many natural deodorants will use synthetic fragrance making them not so natural after all! Of course opting for a deodorant that uses synthetic fragrance is still a step up from using antiperspirant that prevents your body from performing it’s natural and necessary process!

Effectiveness, our Natural Deodorant genuinely works!

There is no point switching to a natural deodorant that doesn’t work. Speak to others and get recommendations, read reviews. Natural Deodorant brands will all claim to be the best natural deodorant but it can be a case of finding what works for you.

Application - Earth Conscious Natural Deodorant requires finger application.

Truly natural deodorants are not going to come in aerosol format - they’re just not so if you’re used to aerosol and want to switch to natural then you’re just going to have to accept that application is different.

If you want the best natural deodorant then you’re probably going to have go go one step further and realise that it’s not going to be a roll-on either! The choice is either a salt crystal deodorant that normally requires wet armpits for application and can leave a stream of trickling wetness running down your arm or you need to apply a cream deodorant with your fingers.

If choosing a cream deodorant then you want one that soaks in quickly and easily. You don't want a product that melts too quickly on the finger as this can be too greasy. Neither do you want your armpit to feel soggy after application. Also, if you want to be able to carry it around or travel, you need functional packaging and something that won't lose it's stability during the warmer spells of weather.

Price - The Earth Conscious Natural Deodorant is economical.

Choosing organic food is more expensive, switching to natural products is generally more expensive too. Finding the best natural deodorant at an affordable price is tricky. When you think about the cost of an antiperspirant deodorant purchased with your grocery shopping, switching to natural can seem like a cost you can’t afford. However, our Natural Deodorant will last around 3 months, and often longer so even with postage costs it turns out to be a very economical option.

Eco Friendly - Earth Conscious is a truly natural deodorant that is also truly Eco Friendly too!

Even the best natural deodorants out there in terms of effectiveness and application will often be packaged in plastic. Our deodorant is not. It travels well.  It won’t harm your body or the environment. Plus we support Marine Conservation with donations from every tin sale so you can feel good about your choice.

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Best Deodorant - Biteable Beauty Awards 2016

Here at Earth Conscious HQ we are really proud to have won Best Deodorant in the 2016 Biteable Beauty Awards. 

Our Earth Conscious Natural Deodorants are made with certified organic ingredients. It is totally cruelty free, paraben free and aluminium free. Plus the best thing is that it is a natural deodorant that actually works, which is why we are so pleased to be recognised for this.

We also like to walk the walk with our brand ethics, our product is functional over wasteful. It provides no threat to marine or plant life. Plus our packaging is plastic free, lightweight and recyclable. With the added benefit of being great for on the go chucking it in your bag and for travel.

The full list of winners for each category is available on the Biteable Beauty site we were surprised and really proud to have won! 

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Eco Friendly Deodorant

But what makes a product eco friendly? By definition, Eco Friendly means without harm to the environment.

The ingredients used in our Earth Conscious deodorant are 100% natural so it is without a shadow of a doubt an eco-friendly deodorant. The ingredients are not harmful to our bodies nor are they are harmful to wildlife, marine life, or the environment at large.

However, there is more to being eco-friendly than just the product itself. There is product packaging to consider. Here at Earth Conscious, we do not compromise on our packaging and we do not use plastic. For example, we could have considered using glass jars but the compromise on plastic lids was just one step that our brand wasn’t prepared to take so if we do consider glass in the future it will have to be plastic-free lids.

We have also given great consideration to a refillable natural deodorant option but felt unless the case packaging was completely plastic-free or readily recyclable or home compostable it just added to the overall impact by complicating matters. We would need to be certain that a case made from bio-plastics, for example, was definitely readily recyclable kerbside in the UK or that it could be home compostable. Right now we don't believe that to be the case.  

We also need to look at the weight of our product. As well as being obviously more fragile, glass is heavier and more difficult to pack so using our tin or cardboard tube means we have a more functional and practical product whilst minimising the transport and packaging footprint.

Eco Friendly Deodorant Tins

The packaging dilemma doesn’t stop there. To continue on with our Earth Conscious eco-friendly ethics which are “to do the best we can with what we have available to us”, we do not use plastic postal packaging either. Your deodorant will arrive in Jiffy Green Bags. Larger orders are despatched in cardboard boxes with totally natural eco-friendly filling packaging - not a bubble wrap or polystyrene bean in sight!


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Natural Deodorant for Men

Natural Deodorant for Men

We make no distinction between scents for Men and Women.

All scents are completely natural (we do not use synthetic fragrance) so everyone can feel comfortable wearing them without the fear of being overpowered.

Natural Deodorant for Men
It's a totally natural deodorant but is still incredibly effective and will work to eliminate body odour no matter the level of physical exercise or pressure you are under.

The sleek recyclable tin will fit in a jacket pocket and can be thrown in a sports bag, it won’t leak or smash so can be with you throughout the day.

On top of which and most importantly of all, it is paraben free, aluminium free and is
most definitely an eco friendly product.

It won’t harm your body or the environment so you can feel good about what you’re using whilst feeling confident in it’s ability to keep you fresh.


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Switch to a Healthy Deodorant Today

Why switch to a healthy deodorant rather than using a regular antiperspirant?

Antiperspirant prevents perspiration whereas a deodorant does not.

Here at Earth Conscious we are not convinced that stopping the body from performing a natural and necessary process is a good idea.

On top of which, studies have linked the use of aluminium to Alzheimer's Disease and Breast Cancer and with numbers of breast cancer cases on the rise, we are not convinced that applying aluminium to the underarm area is a good thing either.

Certainly it seems that further study and research is definitely in order. Whether or not it can be proved beyond doubt that using aluminium is totally safe or not remains to be seen.

Which is why here at Earth Conscious we have created a deodorant that is not only 100% natural but is also aluminium free.

It's also a healthy deodorant for other important reasons too such as protecting the environment at large. The natural ingredients contained within our deodorant will not harm marine life or plant life when the residue is washed away in your shower or bath. 

The recyclable packaging won't end up the same way plastic does in our oceans either. 


So yes, it's a healthy deodorant for your body and yes it's a healthy deodorant for the environment too.  

Make the Switch Today.

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